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Well, I am rooting for Charlie! And I bet the cats ask for the pecking they get. Those neighbors need to lighten up and enjoy having such an unusual neighborhood critter. Humans have just gotten too used to always having everything their way and on their terms.
Big Wags,

Author Mom with Dogs

Jan, this is a great post. And a sad truth.


I remember when I was a kid..my grandmother kept guineas...and bantys..don't know which were the meanest..but i know I would be having some charlie ala king about now..ha..chickens are not my friends...


I agree w/Isabella. He's only defending himself from the cats, can't they see that?


Put the cats inside when Charlie is out for breakfast....silly neighbors! Charlie is like our wild turkeys....free spirits and with wanderlust...but with limits. You go Charlie. I just hope no one calls animal control.


Aw, poor Charlie! I'm on her side. Despite the pecked cats.

Guineas do make a lot of noise! I had some and some peacocks up the road when I was a kid. The peacocks are worse though.

Yes, I wish we'd all learn to love the wild and free sprits, too. Why is it that we think we have rights over them?
(Although I was annoyed when the Raccoons stole my toamtoes last summer. I'd have let them have them, if they'd knocked on the door and asked me nicely.)

Dirty Butter

So the neighbors have decided the chicken is now YOURS? Hmmm.... maybe because you are feeding it? LOL

I love cats, but I doubt seriously if the chicken would bother them if their own curiosity and predatory instincts didn't get them in trouble.

Miss Trashahassee

I heart Charlie.

Miss T


Free spirits should be allowed to stay as such...free to roam and free to 'do their thing'...as always you share an intriguing story...and one which causes much reflection.


Poor Charlie. What a plucky hen, lol! I wish people could see the adventurous spirit behind the noise and the bother of scratched up seeds...really see and marvel, instead of complaining!

In my dreams, you would all get together as a neighbourhood and adopt-a-hen, have parties and fund raisers and...who knows where it could go? lol

Mary Jo Hostnik

You go Charlie! I'll bet the neighbors will be singing a different tune when Charlie is eating all the bugs that love to dine on our garden plants. And I've seen first hand that cats quickly learn to leave chickens (and guinea fowl) alone! A full grown fowl is more than most cats bargain for. None of the cats where I used to board my horse ever challenged a chicken more than once. Never got any of the chicks either, those mama hens are fierce!


I'm with Charlie. Run free, fly free. I just really hope that someone doesn't hurt her.

Kahshe Cottager aka Jen

Poor Charlie .. I'd rather have her here as my neighbour rather than one specific one that I do have! I hope there is a happy ending here for you and Charlie!!


Charlie sounds like such an endearing character with a definite mind of her own.


Awwww this makes me sad, it's hard to say who has more of a right. I feel bad for Charlie but as you pointed out people have a right to keep their kitties safe.

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