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I know you were very fond of Charlie, but you are right she needed to go to a place where she had other birds like her.


Awww...I am so very sorry that Charlie has left you. Guineas are such engaging birds and she sounds like a real personality. I hope she does find a good home.


Your blog and this story, so poignantly written, is a beautiful extension of your personality. This story well reveals your inner self. Ah well, listen to me, I think I'm gonna cry.

Miss Trashahassee

Charlie we hardly knew ye.

Maybe she'll come back for a visit sometime.

Author Mom with Dogs

Gee whiz, I've got a tear in my eye too. You gave Charlie a safe haven while she needed it. She must have known you were a kindrid spirit.


Jan I will miss her too...I have been reluctant to ask about her. It is sad how "progress" takes away so much all the while promising something better...but for who? We have so much development on the lake here. A landmark hotel torn down on a spot where the swans and geese mingled...now it is becoming a marina with condos and the fowl are a nuisance. Sad. I hope she finds her feathered family and makes beautiful little babies. She may return to visit. Really lovely post.


awww... I'm going to miss Charlie too. Maybe she'll come back someday with her little flock of baby guinea chicks. I just want her to be safe and survive.


I have so enjoyed your Charlie stories. I too feel sad about her departure and am hoping that she has found similar birds of a feather.

It is very sad how our so called civilized ways have come to mean the end to the ways of so many other creatures. Thank goodness for the "planners to the east" and other developers that realize the dire consequence of too much concrete.

Simply Jenn

I love how you took the "nuisance" that Charlie was and turned it into love for her (good thing Charlie is a unisex name). I'm sure she'll be alright too but I really think it's great that you care so much for "free" animals.

Cynthia Blue

I've also enjoyed your Charlie Stories. :) Be free, Charlie...

Kahshe Cottager aka Jen

I will miss your reports on Charlie's antics Jan as much as you will miss her. I really became attached to her through your writing. I am glad that nothing bad has happened ~ returning to the flock is a good thing. The possibility of little Charlies is exciting to think about. Maybe she will bring them back to visit one day!



Be well, Charlie. And you, too, Jan.


I've enjoyed reading about Charlie. I'm sorry to see her go, but now that she knows she's not a dog she needs to "find" herself.


think good thoughts of charlie..(charleen?) I'm sure she is nesting at some farm near by...


I felt like I knew her from your posts so it's sad to see her go. I'm sure she'll find her "haven" with her flock and be happy though. But I always felt the same after the Canadian geese nested and hatched their young on our pond where we used to live, then flew away when the others flew over and claimed their own. (((hugs)))


I'm completely going to miss hearing about Charlie and even though my heart is sadened that she had to move on I believe you're right and she'll find an awesome life with other guinea hens.

One of the best posts I've ever read, by anyone - anywhere. Poignant and by this post you really bared your soul and gave us a peek into who you really are. Beautiful.


Good post. I'm visiting from the Gonzo carnival. I'm sure you'll miss Charlie but maybe she just felt it was the right time to go and be with the other guinea hens. You did the best you could for her. Maybe she'll come back and visit you one day.

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