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Ah.. I think that weird symbiotic relationship is love.. lol

So she's a guinea hen?? You know they leave the most beautiful spotty black and white feathers about the place, what a gift.. They are so pretty. They aren't really grey up close, they're spotty, it's awesome.

And yes, birds are smart. Ask any parrot/cockatiel owner. Ducks can understand quite a few words, too, apparently.

My bus stop chicken is still there, and this morning, I saw 2 other people stop to look so I know she's not a hallucination now. ;-)


What revelation! This is such a great saga, like a tantalizing soap opera (I say this with my most sincere respect!) All I have in my backyard that are wild are bunnies, squirrels, and chipmunks. Nothing dramatic like a guinea!


I just love this story. Charlie is one very smart bird.. as well as being extremely fortunate in her choice of residence. Sometimes things just work out all the way around. :-)

I am envious that you are walking about your yard. It will be at least another month for me.

Author Mom DogNut

Me thinks you have a new pet to add to your menagerie. LOL! Lucky Charlie.


Sounds like a good partnership- you give Charlie a safe place to live and she helps control your bug population.
Big Wags-


I think by summer time you will have a bug free yard/garden..enjoy...in the meal time you will also have something to put in the pot with all the veggies at the end of the summer..heehee...nah, we know you can't kill and eat anything that you name...


You know, she came to you for a reason....no joking....she needed you and in time you will need her too. We have lots of birds here...and crows the size of a german shepherd...they are crafty, smart and travel in pairs at least; a lookout, a thief and a squawker mostly..so charlie may have a brain the size of a pea, but....


Hehehe Psycho Chicken, I like it! I guess it is a good thing that you have identified her and figured out why your yard.


This just makes me smile. Lucky Charlie!
Mind you a guinea hen would be a bit of a daunting prospect for a cat to kill, no? It sounds like Charlie has healthy survival instincts, though.


Sounds like Charlie has joined the family! I am really enjoying the Tales of Charlie, the Psycho Chicken aka Guinea Hen. Imagine her joining you in time for garden season and providing a natural bug control element for your yard!


Epiphany. Honestly, I had to get out three dictionaries before I found the meaning that you were applying to this word. Interesting! Yes, interesting...


I love chickens, but hated when my neighbor had a couple of guinea hens. The noise they make is nearly as bad as a peacock.


Charlie the Mensa candidate! It is not unusual for guineas to form a strong relationship with what they consider to be family. We had one a long time ago that went for hikes with us, when we lived far out in the country.

We had barking dogs, too, but they never did seem to bother our guinea...she just shrieked louder than them!


Now I want a Guinea Hen....! That squawking thing and fear of my neighbors will keep me from doing it --- for now.

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