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This goes to show how weird people are and how contradicting they can be.

Janey Loree

Hi Jan, I enjoy ALL your posts, especially "Mind games..." I laugh, I cry, and I just added you to my blogarithm list so that I know when you have posted another wonderful post! Thanks for stopping by Mustang 'n' Cowboys.


Ha! Love that comment, you are so right.
I don't pay that much attention to my stat counter but when I do, some of the searches that lead people to my blog a little, ummmm, alarming.


Wow. It does sound like a nasty bunch.

Mary Jo Hostnik

HAHA! Paris sure attracts the nuts! The entertainment columnist for my local paper refers to her as "she who must not be named" because he says she's a female equivalent of Lord Voldmort. I did read somewhere that Tinkerbell has been shipped off to live with Paris' mom and Paris does have a new dog, but the story I read said at first she named it Bambi and was showing it off as Bambi, but when the flack started over the missing Tinkerbell, she switched stories and said the dog is Tinkerbell. A handler for Paris said she likes the tiny puppies, and Tinkerbell, being full grown, was no longer appealing to her. As long as Tinkerbell is OK, the dog probably has a better life now than being dragged around as a living accessory to Paris.


The world is full of some very strange people.

Search engines are also strange things. I have been getting a lot of hits from people typing in the word "nudist". For the life of me.. I don't think I have ever used that word on my blog.. but they still keep coming in search of it. :-)


Isn't it amazing what people find time to comment about? I'll leave the posting about 'you know who' to you ;)


Wha ...? Do I see clever postmodern euphamisms for famous celebrities? Mom, you're a true blogsnob now. :-)


I'm often amazed at comments left by people who feel something is a waste of their time. Of course, leaving a comment proves that the person spends time thinking about whatever they thought was a waste.


I get some odd google hits, but I hate it when it's followed up by rude comments simply because they don't find what they're looking for.

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