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Author Mom DogNut

Charlie sounds just right. Sounds like she might be growing on you. :) Have you found any eggs yet?


So, she is exotic...a Guinea Hen, huh? Well, congratulations on your new baby Charlie....she is adorable and kind of resembles the generic dog....same father maybe?????


Charlie??? May not be exotic enough for such a special fowl! What about Calliope/Kalliope? It means "beautiful voice" from Greek καλλος (kallos) "beauty" and οψ (ops) "voice". In Greek mythology she was a goddess of epic poetry and eloquence, one of the nine Muses. But perhaps I am pushing the envelope here!



I think Charlie is a fine name. I named my dog Artemis after the Greek Goddess of the hunt because she is a blend of hunting dogs. I also chose Artemis because the Roman version (Diana) just didn't fit her personality.

Miss Trashahassee

I hear guineas are great dinner guests. Tastes like chikin.

Miss T


Hmmm... now you are thinking up cute names for the chicken- does that mean you are becoming attached? Hee Hee!
Big Wags,

Mary Jo Hostnik

Uh-oh! Once you name them, you own them! LOL!Sounds like Jan has a new pet. Charlie is a cool name. Or Gabby Guinea Hen.

doggy mama

The plot thickens!

I've never heard of guineas. But with your description, it sounds like the shoe fits...


Aw, it sounds like you have a little affection for your Charlie. It's cool to finally know what you really have and have it all make sense. Maybe you'll be changing the name of your blog to the poodle and dog and guinea blog??? (or maybe not) :-)


I love this story about your new pet, Charlie...very pretty bird she is, too!

Thanks for posting your saga of the chicken!


We used to have about 75 guinea fowl...loud, crazy, but delightful. They used to fly up to the top of the 72-foot high tower on the house and scream like crazy.
You can ship her east if you are tired of her.


HA! You've been trying so hard to get that 'psycho chicken' to go away but now that you've named her, I'll betcha you'll be sorry to see her go if she does fly the coop!


Ah.. that explains it! If it were me, I'd skip the name "Charlie" though.. makes me think of Drew Barrymore in "FireStarter".


I like Charlie! I think it's a great name for your new friend :D


This is all too funny. Yup.. she definitely sounds like a Guinea hen. :-)

Lea Go


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