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Just be forever thankful that it wasn't a turkey! They absolutely make the biggest messes known to birdland...turkeys fly but at a sideways angle and slowly....they are big....and can get up to the top of a big pine tree.....so who knows...maybe it is a hawk in disguise!


I could so easily envision the chaos in your back yard. Could there be more fun than chasing a chicken. If you have four legs.. I think not. :-)

Cynthia Blue

Oh my! Well, I would hope my herding dogs would herd it.. but probably not. The BC (who may be a mix but don't tell AKC) tends to have more prey drive than herding. =D

I hope Ms Chicken goes away soon.


You would think after a while it would get tired of the dogs chasing it and stay away wouldn't you? We have more or less trained our three to stay off the lawn by herding them away.


My dog would have a field day with that chicken. Let me know if it comes back and I'll send Artie to your house. She's part greyhound and very, very fast. She could catch it for you.


Friggin??? It isn't doing that is it? BTW, is it a rooster?


Holy crow! (or chicken as the case may be). We had chickens as a kid and I swear they were never that nuts!

John Hughes

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John Hughes

Simply Jenn

Oh wow! I guess I didn't know chickens could fly either. I mean, my mom grew up on a farm and always told us about the chickens running around with their heads cut off. I never heard the story of a chicken flying around with their head cut off. And how on earth WOULD you catch a chicken in a tree?


Oh, Jan...this is hilarious, but maybe only because the chicken is harassing you and not me ;) I'm anxious to hear more...you know I'll be paying attention to this developing chickscapade!


Oh, Jan...I can't believe that chicken is still there! I don't know how I could stand my dogs' barking, if it were me.

I hope chicken decides to find another home, soon.

An idea...get some chicken feed and make a trail with it. Then you can leave a pile of it wherever the trail ends...perhaps a few blocks away, lol!


Sounds like you have a permanent visitor lol

I have to say the imagery of your dogs chasing that chicken made me laugh and laugh though.

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