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Jan, it's me, Karen, just using a new comment name. Who knew there were so many Karens out there. :)

Ha! So little grasshopper, you are learning from the teachings of the chicken! LOL!


Ah, the life lessons learned from chickens. :)


Cluck-cluck de cluckety cluck. So are you saying that the waters parted and the chicken arrived? A miracle!!!!

Miss Trashahassee

This Psychochicken character is my hero. I luv him. This blog should be renamed to "The Psychochicken (and Poodle and Dog) Blog." Please continue to keep us up to date on his activities.

That photograph of Psychochicken in the rain ... I laughed so hard I thought I was going to hurl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You must adopt him.


Birds are so adaptable and accepting of their world. I guess they have to be to survive. I often marvel at the little sparrows that continue to forge for food and sing from trees even when the rest of their world is frozen and covered in snow.


But butterflies don't. They flee at the first sign of cloudy weather because rainfall could kill them. They are too delicate.

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