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So when do we get to see a picture of Psycho? I think a lovely pose with him squawking at the dogs...or perhaps you hovering over him with a broom...would be a great addition to your story! ;)

Karen S

The good news is that your "he" is a "she", otherwise you'd be up at the crack of dawn with cock-a-doddle-doing. My guess is this is someone's egg laying hen who made a break.

Hmm, maybe if you make a little roost in the tree for her, you'll have some free eggs for your trouble. :)


Sounds like you are developing just a little affection for Psycho!!!


I suggest making a little house for him/her, blankie, water, dog food or the mystery food it is he/she eats in your yard...lettuce, a little vinegar...whatever. Might as well make some name suggestions as it is obvious she is learning the routine (you too)...so since Psycho is a starting point how about Psychaline, Psychonia, Psychenna, Psychochuck/Psychochick....or just psycho is OK I am sure.


Have you tried putting up signs in the neighborhood? Who knows, maybe someone is looking for Psycho.


Perhaps Psycho was somone's pet chicken? And perhaps there were dogs at his precious home? We have a woodstork that comes around on a regular basis for a hand out of sardines. I always bark like crazy, but Sadie, the Stork, ignores me.
Big Wags-

Doggy Mama

What a funny visitor to your yard, with all those doggies! Psycho, indeed!


Oh yeaaaah you definitely have yourself a pet chicken :D


so ..let me get this straight....you're being bested by a psycho chicken....this is a story I think I would be keeping to myself...


I think Psycho Chicken has decided to live at your home. You might as well just buy some chicken food and make him a little shelter (tree house?) and let him and the dogs make their peace.

That's funny that your city puts a limit on how many dogs you can have. Is there a limit on number of total pets? Would an adoptee chicken count as an additional pet?

Actually, I think it's kind of cool. Not many people have their own chicken.


You have me in stitches Jan! Psycho the chook and the Hounds from Hell, lol! Sounds like quite a life you have! Anyway, you seem to have them all well trained. I agree, the chook with attitude does sounds a smart chicken!


Thats the best name that one could think of that lil chicken!!lolz!!Carol


I find it funny that we're having synchronous chicken manifestations.. I saw mine AGAIN on the bus stop this morning. I hadn't seen her in weeks, and now here we both are.. hay, maybe it's a seasonal thing, what with spring, maybe they're out getting spring fever, looking for new digs.

I concur with the above statements: a) you're soundinf a little affectionate about psycho chicken, and b) a roost in your yard would mean fresh free eggs, if he is a she.. who knows? :-)


At least you've managed to get into a routine of sorts with your extended family visitor. What a funny chook!?!

Simply Jenn

What a great, creative response to your problem! Seems like a good solution for everyone involved. But. uh... does the chicken leave a lot of chicken "mess?"


Sounds like Psycho has found himself a home. Lucky bird. :-)

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