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Hopefully, he was being nice. Any dog who freaks out can really confuse people. Maybe she was pushy, too. At least she got an autograph and he didn't get bitten. That would have been the bigger headline- "24 star mauled by small dog"


This took place in California where it is illegal to have dogs in restaruants. He probably didn't want to aid and abet criminal activities.


I would absolutely file it under “Rude and boorish dog owners”. Put your self in his shoes and tell me if you wouldn't react the same. The unexpectedness (especially since it is illegal) of having a small dog put in your face while your eating would cause anyone to startle. But then to have your dog add insult to injury and "go off" because it is under-socialized and obiviously under the inflated presumption that it is responsible for it's owners safety not the other way around, as it should be, is outrageous. I'm surprised she even got the autograph!!


I wouldn't have approached the actor with my dog in the first place.

The dog may have picked up on her excitement and nervousness...and reacted to it. Better to hand the dog over to someone, and then go ask.

He did give her the autograph! When I get startled like that, it's hard for me to think straight!


I agree with the comments above. The lady sure was lucky to get an autograph! Dog or no dog can't a person eat a meal in peace?


Well, if Jack/Keifer had just shared a tiny morsel of his meal with the sweet little thing it all might have turned out differently...how selfish....and all the sweet doggie got was an autograph??? My., my.


Definitely rude and boorish dog owners!
However, that is hysterical. I am forwarding this to a friend of mine who is a: a dog trainer and b: a 24-o-holic.


I agree..“Rude and boorish dog owners,” for the owner..and Celeb Gossip for Kiefer aka Jack's reaction. Imagine that..scared of a pint sized cutie..he has a persona to uphold after-all. ;O)

Hope as all is well in your world Jan.



I was going to vote for both but then I started thinking about the matter. First off, we only have the gossip writer's report that Sutherland "recoiled in terror." For all we know he was surprised by a woman getting in his face with a dog in her hands. If he didn't see her coming and just turned around to find her there he could have jerked back in surprise rather than "terror." Secondly, why would anyone go over to someone trying to eat dinner in peace with a tiny, high-strung dog in their hands? It's rude enough to bother someone while they are trying to eat, much less to bring the dog to the table with them.

In the end I decided to vote: Rude and boorish dog owners


I hate to generalize, but a dog's yappiness quotient seems to increase in inverse proportion to its size. Thus, small dogs that fit into purses and overpriced custom carriers seem to often be the nastiest little things on the planet.

Give my kids a golden retriever any day over one of those mangy Yorkies. Ick!

Miss Trashahassee

Rude and boorish owners, we'll get you and your little dogs, too!


I agree to what Marion says...would never have approached the actor in the first place.Cool post. Keep blogging!! Cheers!! Do peep into my wish with flowers blog and send floral wishes for your loved ones!!


Maybe the dog was a little too close to his meal...after all Kiefer needs his energy. Then again I love dogs but I find little ones tend to freak me out, perhaps the same problem is going on here? Or perhaps he is allergic to dogs....who knows? All I know is that Jack Bauer rocks!!

red dirt girl

I'm not feeling any pain for Mr. Sutherland's peace of mind. He chose to be a 'celebrity' and being approached by people carrying tiny Yorkies is part and parcel of 'fame.' His attitude appeared rude and arrogant in my opinion......but then again, I've never really liked him anyway.......

thanks for stopping by and checking out my mini-dauschund.......qwerty is slow going - he tells me he just wants to sleep or have me scroll pictures of cute dogs for him....MEN!

red dirt girl


I vote for "rude and boorish dog owners." Many owners of small dogs (of which I am one) forget that not everyone feels the same way towards dogs that they do. And in actuality.. many of these little canines can be mean and snarly.


I think that Keifer was just concerned for the dog. Things and people have a tendency to blow up around Jack Bauer


he's probably had enough weird fans doing enough weird things to be leery of anyone coming toward him with a mutt under their arm..besides..I have never been bitten by a pittybull dog, or any great big dog, but have had my nose, ankle, and fingers chewed on my chiwawa's and other assorted yippy small dogs..im with keifer..run for your life..

Mary Jo Hostnik

I too, vote for "rude and boorish dog owner." Anyone seated at a table in a restaurant expects to have people around them (waitstaff, table bussers, etc) and celebrities expect to be approached by fans. (I think he was very nice under the circumstances.) But no one seated at a table in a restaurant expects to turn and come face to face with a dog. My guess is he was more startled than "terrified". And, being the owner of 4 dogs, one of the small and yappy variety, I don't think he was being unreasonable at all. The little ones seem quicker to snap and nip, and I know what kind of bite those little guys can inflict! (Not from my own little guy, a friends Chihuahua that took my nose off-I really thought I was going to need stitches, but the scar's hardly noticable now ! LOL !)


I vote for both. Lots of people are scared of dogs - of all sizes. But that lady was pretty rude too.


I'm really pleased you shared this post in the FREE FOR ALL blog carnival! You provided a much appreciated laugh. It's interesting, I do very well with dogs. For some reason, though, the ones people say will NEVER BITE are the ones that seem to snap at me.

Wondering what you think about linkability between our blogs.

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