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Karen Shanley

I can laugh at this. Because it's not my dogs being driven crazy. :)


hahah You need to call colonel sanders.


Oh, yeah...if the chicken's wings aren't clipped, they can fly, lol! We had a chicken that flew up to the top of a huge Fir Tree, and stayed there for a few days. Drove my dogs around the bend, so I completely sympathize!


What happened to the chicken after it flew up into your tree?

Back several years ago I was working on my PhD and was awarded an FDA grant for research. The FDA wanted to know how much horsepower a chicken could sustain in climbing flight. Since it would be quite difficult to induce a chicken to take-off and climb for a measurable time or altitude I decided to weigh a chicken then drop it from an airplane and measure the elapsed time it took to land. Then using a mathematical formula I could correct for the fact that the chicken was actually descending instead of climbing.

I dropped the first chicken from 500 feet above the airport. The chicken flapped its wings all the way down. After landing the chicken didn’t appear to be too tired so I dropped another chicken from 1,000 feet above the airport. This chicken was not as eager to run away after landing.

Now you have to understand that I had to keep dropping a chicken from an ever-increasing altitude to insure that they were putting out a maximum effort and not just loafing on the way down.

After landing, the fourth chicken, dropped from 1,500 feet above the airport sat for a while before it walked off away from my assistants who were measuring the azimuth, degrees of elevation, time, and behavior of the bird. Yes, a chicken is a bird.

The fourth chicken, dropped from 2,000 feet above the ground stopped flapping its wings at 483 feet above the airport.

I just thought someone reading this blog might be able to use the results of this government research.

P.S. I want that chicken.


I wouldnt care if a herd of buffalo came into my backyard if it could be 70 degrees here.


One of my cousins lives in a rural area. One time that I visited him he had four pigs in a pen in their yard. I always took Artie with me to visit and she about had a fit with those pigs. They, on the other hand, couldn't give a flip about her.

Miss Trashahassee


Every neighborhood needs a resident chicken.

Miss Trashahassee


Every neighborhood needs a resident chicken.


Oh I'm dying here. I know it's probably not funny cause it's driving your dogs crazy but I'm still dying.

Just picturing that is priceless. This is the funniest stuff ever.


Hahahah, that is great!
Yes, chickens can fly. I used to have chickens and they roosted in a big oak tree out back. I miss having chickens, actually...


You have me laughing out loud here. :-). I never knew chickens could fly either.

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