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Several years ago my daughter brought home one of PETA booklets that said that mommy and daddy killed animals by eating meat and wearing fur and leather. She was very uupset by this. Good post.


A dog blood bank, thats a new one for me, but it could save there lives.


I think that blood bank idea is great! You just don't think about things like that. Many times it is easier to do away with the pet rather than try to save them, especially when the costs are high. But...good for him!


It is my opinion that extremists of any type are to be avoided.
We have a dog blood bank here in my town and I for one appreciate any one and their dog who is kind enough to leave a donation.


Very good post, Jan! I wish more people would understand just how over the top PETA is.


When I was a kid the vet's office had a cat that acted as a blood donor for any cats that came in needing a transfusion. If I remember correctly, the vet would bring in one of his three or so dogs each day for the same reason. Luckily he didn't need their blood very often.

I don't think I've seen or heard of anything like this again until I read this post.

Sadly, the fanatics of PETA have forgotten what the initials stand for "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals." Ethical Treatment, not free them all and let God sort it out.


Outstanding post...a very clear explanation of what is what. I worked for a small animal vet from the time I was fifteen until he retired when I was in my mid twenties. We had a lovely Dobe cross we sometimes used for a donor. She was a delight, the pet of everyone in the place. We just loved her.


I've heard horror stories about Peta people's actions relating toward guide dogs and service dogs. I think as long as the dogs are treated well, a blood bank is a good idea. It sounds very much like the top notch care Julio received while he was training to become a guide.


I also would like to add PETA's founder has said some really bad things about pitbulls which, when I inquired about, came down to, since so many bad people adopt them, we should get rid of the breed. I haven't given them the time of day since.

miraculous story, all dog lovers will be touched

Amit K.

hey true these animal organisations do go way over the topic and try to make news out of nothing.The blood bank idea is wonderful and i support it.

Dirty Butter

I, for one, really didn't know anything about PETA. Thanks for the eye opener.


I thought I'd stumbled across a practical joke years ago when PETA were promoting the drinking of beer rather than milk to young people but no, that was their campaign. Let's have numerous road deaths etc. due to alcoholism rather than milk cows. Eejits.

Here in the south east of England there's a real problem with mink. Years ago a huge amount were released by animal rights protesters* and they've gone on to become super predators, able to swim, climb trees and go into burrows for their prey (ducklings, rabbits, eels and other fish). They also take birds eggs, of both ground and tree nesting birds. They've practically wiped out the watervole and there are long stretches of river where you don't see ducks any mores because of the mink.

I absolutely believe that animals must be protected but PETA takes it way, waaaay to far.

* it's not all due to the releases by animals rights people - there were a number of farm bankcrupcies at the time and farmers were releasing numbers too.


Very good story! Humans donate blood...so whats the difference? Where does PETA expect the blood to come from for surgeries, and such??


I've heard a lot of good and a lot of bad about Peta but your story gives me an interesting new perspective. I agree with Daisy that Peta takes their stuff too far. Like what's more important animals or people?

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I also would like to add PETA's founder has said some really bad things about pitbulls which, when I inquired about, came down to, since so many bad people adopt them, we should get rid of the breed. I haven't given them the time of day since.

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Everyone should take membership of animal rights organizations. It is our duty to save poor creatures.

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