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That's great. People who don't have dogs when they are children almost never know how important they can be.

Dirty Butter

Memories of my childhood dog, Cindy, just came flooding back. Thank you.


Good story.

It's been my experience that runts make the best dogs. When picking from a litter - I look for the smallest most active puppy. I haven't been disappointed yet.


What a great memory. It brought back memories of my own.


What a beautiful memory Jan..and that you learned at such a young age a lesson that usually takes many children and most people much longer to learn..if ever.is quite remakable if you ask me. That you grew to be an animal lover and advocate in no surprise to me.

A wonderful story..it sounds like you & Mickey were the best of friends.


My first blogs were about my doggies....love them,. love them, love them.


I had many dogs while growing up and one of them was a little black mixed breed named Mickey. :-). I can not imagine my life without my dogs. Your Mickey sounds so very sweet.


Oh yeah, I think we all have those memories, some good some bad. My threee year old memory was having eye surgery in NYC. Back then parents were not allowed to stay with kids. Bad.

I think you may be right about Daisy. Seems to e the most logical reason for her misbehavior. Thanks.


They're all special, but the first one - I think perhaps the most special of all.


What a beautiful and sad memory all at the same time. They say everything happens for a reason and perhaps learning such a painful lesson by dropping the puppy led you to having Mickey in your life for so long.

Thank you so much for sharing this story.

Janey Loree

The first memory that I have of owning a dog was when we brought Pepper home to Southern Nevada from Central Oregon! Then she had puppies!!!


i love runts..some of my favorite husbands were runts..


thats a lie..i dont have ANY favorite husbands..


How sweet! The bond between a child and dog are such precious things. I know the worry many people have about children with pets nowadays, but I feel it does a child so much good to learn to care for and love an animal, especially in this modern age when so few children get to really connect with nature or other living things very much anymore.


Those are definitely ideal years to grow up beside your dog, Jan. As you illustrate with your story, pets can help children grow inside in ways that parents can't.

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