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After that phallic remark I wont even tell you why I got a pekinese.

I was Trailer Trash when Trailer Trash wasn't Cool

Now that right there is a doublewide dawg, sho'nuff.


He's huge!!!!


That is a massive dogs, I think owning a Mastiff if you had the time and money would be absolutely awesome. They seem like such amazing dogs.


I once heard a world famous doctor talk about how everyone loves babies. Then he said to remember how cute that little baby was when he is a ten year old hellian. Same goes for dogs. Too many people don't think about what they are getting into when they decide what kind of dog they want. I've actually seen people adopt a greyhound and try to keep it in a small apartment. The masiff is a beautify dog, but I'll just stck with my little weiners...


Whoa...that is one huge dog. I've got a mastiff cross and he's big enough for me.

Dirty Butter

The biggest dog I've ever seen in person is a St. Bernard, and from the looks of it, this Mastiff would make two of him. I can't even imagine owning a dog that large and having to feed him. Sorry, way too expensive for me.

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