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great story!!!


That's a great story! Thanks for sharing it.


ahhhhh! that's a great story...wonder why no one has ever made a movie about him?


Thanks Jan that is a wonderful story..aren't they just amazing..the amounts of love, care & affection they heap on us. Don't even want to think what this world would be like without animals in it.

Gottsa love Stubbwy..what a dog!

Much appreciate the click too.


I love this and Honey likes to hear about her brave ancestors!

Janey Loree

This is an awesome story...see another stray with a mission in life. Good thing no one had him put to sleep before his time!

Denise Rich

Stubby looks every bit like a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, a cousin to the Bull Terrier (Spuds Mackenzie dog). I have had this breed of dog for about 16 years, they are terrific dogs! I am not suprised about the description of him.


Now that's a great post! Thanks. I did not know that.


that's a wonderful story. good for Stubby. He truly is a HERO


GREAT article, BUT i wanted to touch on one point :)
Stuby was a pit bull terrier, not a bull terrier.

i just want to my breed get the credit it is deserved :)

3 paws for stubby!


GREAT article, BUT i wanted to touch on one point :)
Stuby was a PIT bull terrier, not a bull terrier.

i just want my breed of choice to get the credit it is deserved :)

3 paws for stubby!

jessica kardon


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Yay for Stubby!
I did a blog entry March 7 2006 about a dog cemetary here built around a War Dog memorial...dogs have long been valuable military members.


Stubby is truely a hero, and mans best friend.. Good for you stubby!


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