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I'm starting a cat litter box museum. Please forward all donations.


Huh. Interesting. While I wouldn't go to Leeds just to visit the Dog Collar museum, I would be willing to make a short visit if I was in the area.


If it were free and I was already in the area...well maybe I'd go. I don't know, I love dogs but I'm pretty sure I don't want to go and look at dog collars in a museum.


I think it would be interesting to see the different sized collars and how people felt about their dogs in the past.


Hmm...my girlfriend wears a collar with frightening spikes. I see now that she is only trying to discourage me from giving her a hickie.

Janey Loree

I would love to go just to see the Castle! However, Nic Fulcher is right, dogs do play a fundamental part in our lives...


man! you know you have got to be really really bored to spend your vacation time visiting a dog collar museum...what next monkey ball's?

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