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once more people blame a dog for their own mistakes.


It's the owners, not the breed. It's just much easier to attack the breed then it is to ask owners to take responsibility for their behavior. The owners' behavior as much as the dogs'.


Fantastic article! Here in Ontario they are banned and a lot of people tried to fight this by correctly stating it is bad owners and breeders to blame. Stupid government! Now that the Pit Bull is gone another breed of choice will be ruined by the same type of people. It's only a matter of time.


oh i love pitt bulls..i have owned them off and on since 1971..they are the best dogs ever..smart, loyal, funny...and great watch dogs..they are what you make them..my 110 lb. pittibull nate was the sweetest natured dog i ever had...and was a great guard dog for my grandkids...he was raised around cats and kittens and never ever harmed one of them..matter of fact they on a daily basis..kicked his ass...bit him, clawed him and ate his food if they wanted to..he never barked or growled at them...
pittibulls are like kids..they are what you make them...


is “because they are ill bred and ill managed.”

Right after the 101 Dalmations came out the demand for Dalmations increased a huge amount. Breeders stopped breeding for quality and started breeding for quantity. As a result you get poorly bred, poorly handled dogs that are more often vicious. Makes me think that it should be much harder for people to breed their animals.


hey, its so unfortunate taht people kill pit bulls coz of some myths n beliefs..My aunty has a pit bulls n she is happy with her pet..


We have two pitbulls who we love very much!

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