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he's a marine alright, kerosene,chewing tobacco and MRIs. Great story


Another neat dog tail!

I especially like this kind.


any dog that can survive kerosene, chewing tobacco and MRIs has got to be a Marine.


What a great story! That's got to be one happy dog.


I ended up here because Dr. John made you his link of the day, but I'll be back again because I'm a dog lover, too (I'm owned by a toy poodle and a beagle/basset mix). I read through several of your posts and enjoyed them all.


I remember seeing this story on TV not so long ago and it really touched my heart. Lava is such an awesome name for a "Marine's best friend."


(stopping by from Dr. John's Fortress where dogs are loved dearly and ride on trains free of charge.)


Awwww....I don't usually use glurgy terms like "heartwarming" but it fits here.
I am also glad Melody and her human got reunited, from your last post.
I love feel-good stories, thanks! :)


This is such a great story, it made me tear up, I'm so happy that he finally got to bring him home.

Shows there are truly good people left in this world.


amidsts so much horror and heartbreak, a break in the clouds and a happy story. thank you for sharing. dr. John sent me here to say hello and to thank all that serve and risk their lives for the freedom of us all.


awwww... that's a happy story. But kerosene??? yech..


This book is great! It reminds us of the hardships that our soldiers must face in defending our freedom, but it reminds us that they, too, are still human. Sometimes it takes the companionship of an animal for us to remember that.

In continuing with this line of thought, I'd like to recommend FROM BAGHDAD TO AMERICA, the sequel, for those interested in the aftereffects of the war on our soldiers, particularly for Lt. Jay Kopelman and Lava. In the novel, Lt. Kopelman struggles with his return to civilian life, and seeks comfort in his relationship with Lava in order to overcome his debilitating mental trauma. This must-read for any families of returning soldiers is available now!

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