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I was Trailer Trash when Trailer Trash wasn't Cool

Dang prissy pooduls 'round here can't go huntin' because they refuses to wear the orange vests.


That's funny, orange hunting vests, I'm sure they would wear mauve ones.


Or any color that goes with their eyes.

Actually, that's an interesting tidbit to know about poodles.


That's awesome, I never would have guessed it. This is why I love your blog; I learn new stuff all the time.

Dirty Butter

Fascinating information! As smart a dog as they are, it looks like they can be trained to do just about anything. And I love the part about the husband who accepted the poodle once he knew it could be trained as a hunting dog, whether he intended to hunt or not. Macho dog.

Joan Leslie

Thats funny, that is how I got my husband to agree to a poodle. now he is her total slave and they never go hunting.


i knew they were hunting dogs...read that someplace...people keep telling me how smart they are..but i have never seen anything but a tiny yapping shrill snapping dog...i like my pittibulls


My pitbull's favorite playmate is a poodle. It is a standard black with an intense poodle cut because her owner is a groomer. And that poodle runs like a rabbit - she's incredible to watch, not least because she looks like she's just come back from a high-end cocktail party and is now slumming. Where Honey usually does a lot of mouthplay when playing with other dogs, these two just run and chase each other in huge circles. Sometimes Honey will be tired from spending a full day at daycare when we run into Phoebe. I"ll let Honey loose to run a little but Phoebe will soon start barking at Honey because she's too slow and then is upset she can't play as long....

J. Condray

Looking for a breeder that specializes in "hunting" poodles. I live in Portland Oregon.

S. Romack

what do yuor poodles hunt for? I have a standard poodle. She's my third in like two to three years. I have heard that their mouths are made for hunting birds but thats it.

Gary Scovel

The picture above was taken by the outdoor writer for the Sioux Falls, SD Argus Leader newspaper, Nov. '07. He did an article on 3 of us doing an all Poodle pheasant hunt, which was very successful. Both Beau and Scout pictured are AKC titled Senior Hunters and UKC titled Seasoned Hunters. Scout needs one more Finished Pass in UKC to be a Hunting Retriever Champion.


Yes!I used poodles as the
hunting dogs... More 20 years. To 2006.
Best regards from Russia for like-minded persons!
Now my hunting dog is CCR:

rox wisely

Funny how poodles' physical appearance deceive people. They just look like those pets that girlie girls want, but they can actually be great help for big guys who are into hunting or anything that requires skills and brains. Always keep in mind that poodles are the second most intelligent dog breed!


Unfortunately St. poodles using as hunting bird's dog are wery-wery rare in Russia. I knew only 2 black femails (1985-2006):

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