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Poor dog.. that cast looks really long, amazing that dog can even walk around with something like that attached to it's leg


Poor baby. Is that cast on its leg or its tail? Like the commenter above, I think it's too long to be something the dog could walk with.

I'd like to see their calendar when they get it completed.


Cinderella does look pretty miserable...

Her sponsor page on www.oslf.org says "Cinderella was rushed to the emergency vet after being hit by a car, where they found that she had a fractured foreleg, femur, and dislocated hip. Cinderella's legs were set by the emergency room vet, but she still needs surgery to properly fix her fractured femur and her hip."

OSLF is a great organization working on an important cause. It's amazing that there are such limited resources to help dogs in need.

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