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I just got a new puppy and I really appreciate knowing this.


I didnt do as well as I thought I would. Another great danger to children and dogs is anti-freeze. It smells and tastes sweet but it is highly toxic and can kill dogs and humans.


It looks like I need to do some more research on salmon. I feed a raw diet and have fed my dogs salmon a couple times. Thanks for posting this.


I took the quiz :O
I got a horrifying 3/10 - suppose its a good thing that I don't own a dog :P
It was good to read though - will keep it in mind for the future!


Well I got 5/10 right. I thought I would do better than that. That was pretty interesting information. Thanks for sharing the quiz.


Wow.. I also only got a 3.. Turkey skin? Who knew. Cocoa beans? I guess that makes sense with the no choclate thing if I'd thought about it.. Doh!

I'm going to post a link to this, this is vital info!

(My cat however, will eat almost anything, which is why I try not to give her too much human-food!)


This was great - though I've fed my dogs salmon and haven't had any problems. We just make sure we freeze the salmon for a month or two before feeding. Kills all the nasty stuff.


i missed 2 the one about sugar and the last one...so feel better...


You're teaching an old dog new tricks! Learn something every time I drop by.

However, I'm not buying that dog grass toilet thingy!


Wow, my dogs should be dead according to this...I must be a bad parent. I feed them a few things on the list without any ill effects. I guess I will have to watch from now on.


My dog likes a little bite of my orange, is this ok? I don't eat them often, but he likes them.

My Son gave him a baby dill the other day. Well, actually it fell on the floor and the dog ate it. I don't think he liked it but was trying to get there before the grandson did. Is he going to die from this? He seems fine now.


Small amounts of human food not listed won't harm dogs. It is mostly if they get into large amounts which is rare that a problem arises.

Zoe Young

I haven't tried the quiz yet, but I would surely come back to try it to gain more info about this matter. However, it is valuable that you research for essential information about foods that can be harmful to dogs. As always, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, right?


Very good blog. Many pet owners do not realize that there are some plants too that are very dangerous for pets to consume.


I did happen to score 7 out of 10. Several in there really caught me by surprise. Guess I will have to pay a little closer attention from now on.

Thanks for information.

Royal Canin Coupons

The questions that you have asked in the quiz are well prepared. Thanks for the article as it helps me take better care of my pets.

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