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Thanks for writing about this. My mil had a teacup poodle who just keeled over when he was three years old. Mil cryed for two weeks, then she went back to the same breeder and paid $1300 for another one.


Aw.. Cute, but sad. I agree, and I think mutts are generally a lot healthier with all that chance for biodiversity in their genes.. Why breed more problems into a dog when life is hard enough! I say rescue a pound puppy!!

All my cats have been homeless waifs, and they're SO grateful for a home..


I had heard of teacup poodles but I didn't know what exactly was meant by teacup. I always thought it just meant toy.

Thanks for clearing that up with me. If I want a pet that small I'll stick with gerbils.


why would anyone want a dog you cant walk or play with? I agree you might as well get a rodent.


I had a toy poodle years ago...so small my wife brought it home in her coat pocket, but not quite as small as this one looks.

Anyway...it only lived a few years and died suddently one night in its sleep.

Gave an arm and leg ($125) for that thing back in 1970.

Janey Loree

Hi Jan, I followed you over here from my PJ's Paper Doll Cut Outs blog. Thanks for the comment. We had a silver toy poodle named Princess when I was a little girl. She was joined by a little black cockapoo named Candy.

I voted for you over in BLOG VILLAGE.


That's so sad; what people will do to make money just completely outrages me.

I don't know what's worse - that there are people willing to do that to dogs just to make money or that people actually purchase them not realizing what they're buying.


I have seen teacups advertised in the newspaper, but I didn't know anything about them. So sad. It would break my heart to have a dog with a lifespan of only 3 - 5 years. Fifteen years is too short.... Poor little creatures.


They are adorable, but for me it would just be too sad to bear. I have a shih tzu, and I love him dearly. He's only a little more than a year old and I couldn't imagine him only living another 1 1/2 - 3 years. It would just be unbearable. I'm looking forward to years more with him, he's a wonderful -if tempermental dog.

Shih tzu also come in "teacup" and I just think it's sad. Why would anyone breed these dogs this way? Do they not realize that they're breeding underdeveloped dogs? No animal deserves to live this way! It just makes me so darned angry, and more than that, sad.

Thanks for writing about this, Jan!



We've had dogs for years though currently dogless. Our best dogs were mutts and crossbreeds. We had an adorable Shih Tzu named Venus who we loved more than anything. She lived 11 years. I couldn't bear to have a dog for only a couple years. Oh the pain! Some breeders are just in it for the money. Bad people.


It was explained to me when a runt of one litter bred w/ a runt of another litter, you get a Teacup. That is why it is so small, and genetically unhealthy. With high costs of today's vet care, people in general should stay away form getting a teacup size pet. You would think folks would take time learning how to select a healthy pet, but they don't. It infuriates me because these people has created a market for the teacup, so greedy breeders would just keep producing these tiny things to fill it.


I see a lot of this vanity with pet owners. I live near a lake in Seattle that is a popular dog-walking spot, and you can see the owners parading their prizes, with no thought for the poor dogs. All shape and size of trophy dog.
it's not that I'm against dog breeding, a well-bred dog is a beautiful thing, its just the greed and short-sightedness of some of the people involved that irritates me.

marie therese

I have a small (4 pound) poodle who is 12 years old. I agree that these little dogs are very fragile and they do require a lot of care. Generally, small dogs have a longer life span than bigger dogs, and it is not unheard of for the toy pooldle or tiny toy to live for 18-20 years. Our little girl dog is very healthy and brings a lot of joy to our lives. Great blog, I've enjoyed reading it!!!


Small poodles can be extremely healthy and live a very long time. I had a female tiny-toy 5 lb poodle for 20 years.

She was very strong, very healthy and could run and play like any other dog. She just did it smaller.

What usually kills small dogs is food. People tend to overfeed them and they get obese. Then they have all the problems obese humans have and usually they die at an early age of heart faliure.

Do not get a small dog without learning all about them, but do not think that just because a dog is very small, that it is unhealthy or will die young.


Small poodles can be extremely healthy and live a very long time. I had a female tiny-toy 5 lb poodle for 20 years.

She was very strong, very healthy and could run and play like any other dog. She just did it smaller.

What usually kills small dogs is food. People tend to overfeed them and they get obese. Then they have all the problems obese humans have and usually they die at an early age of heart faliure.

Do not get a small dog without learning all about them, but do not think that just because a dog is very small, that it is unhealthy or will die young.


I think teacup poodles are the cutest thing ever and I want one so much, but I just can bring my self to spend over $1000 and more in vet bills on a pet that is gonna wipe out after 5 years. I think I'll stink with a miniature or standard.


What most of you aren't thinking about is...maybe it is a shame there is such a thing as a teacup poodle but that does not make them unworthy of being someone's pet. I'd rather someone buy one and give it the best life it can have, no matter how long that may be, than to have them destroyed somewhere just because they're small, or mistreated, or never to have been born and never have known a human's love. That would be a crime! I say, buy one! My brother's teacup died just a few days ago at the age of eight so don't tell me they only live 3-5 years or that was a fluke! Loving care can surely extend any dogs' life. Just think...eight years of love she had that she wouldn't have had if she had NEVER been born! Have a heart people!!



While I agree that all puppies should have a loving home, my purpose was to let people know what they may be getting when they buy a teacup. Paying a premium price for a puppy that might have severe health problems or a shorter life span is something that people should be aware of before they make the purchase. They should also be aware of the special needs of these dogs throughout their lives.

I didn't put this in my post because it is quite unpleasant to think about, but some disreputable breeders will induce labor so that the puppies are born prematurely and will never become healthy dogs. Others give the newborns drugs or alcohol to stunt their growth and then charge high prices because there is a high demand for tiny Poodles.


Take note at the words YOU used in your response to me... "what they MAY BE getting", "MIGHT HAVE severe health problems or a shorter life span", and "SOME disreputable breeders". Obviously, even you don't think ALL breeders have the same breeding practices. And, obviously... even you don't think ALL teacups have health problems. But, based on your article and related comments, it looks like the majority of people that posted a comment are now convinced that no one should ever own one. What a shame! Couldn't they have just said...thanks for the info? I guess if no one EVER bought one, the bad breeders wouldn't have a need to breed them anymore. But, the fact remains...they're here and they need us. Price really isn't a problem to someone that really wants one and can afford it. It's the people that buy pets when they can barely feed themselves that should think twice. By the way....thanks for the info!


I just bought a minature(teacup)poodle a couple of weeks ago and I love her so much! She brings me so much happiness and I only paid $450 for her. I have spent way more money on other things that I never used or that never gave me any happiness! She will give me happiness for the rest of her life, no matter how long that is! I am not being selfish, I am being loving and I don't mind taking care of her like I do my children. She IS one of my children.


I have a teacup poodle - and she's 15 years old. Not all teacups are "sick" or "premature" dogs. Reputable breeders know how to tell the difference. Breeding healthy and happy long lived delicate little creatures. Yes, they need extra care - I find the fact that Diva can't jump up on the couch or other furniture a bonus.
Like some humans, SOME teacup poodles suffer from Hypoglycemia (as do I for that matter!).

Just don't assume one "thruth" is THE truth. My Diva is under 8" and 4 pounds ... and a grand old lady!


I was upset when reading this information because i had just finished browsing through classfied newpapers for a tea cup shih tzu! Its sad that they must live this way..at first i thought i wasnt gonna buy one anymore because they live short lives but now im reconsidering because some people are right about how they deserve homes!! Such a hard decision for me! And i guess ill just have to hope that if i get one, it will last as long as some of these blogs claim! Thanks for the letting me be aware of this very important detail!


I cannot believe what I am reading here. My mom just got a lil guy, Bo, black teacup for 800$ and the best money she has spent on anything. He runs and plays like the bigger dog of mine(cairn terrier) another small yet excellent breed. Bo, is 3 lbs of pure nonsense and fun. He barks louder than my dog and he is active and playful and is just like a big dog in a tiny body. As for life span, well, not one of us know just how long we have...so do not judge adopting a pet on that...crazy! Get one and enjoy the heck out of it because that is what they are here for...to be adored by SOMEONE cool enough to get one. Canada


i have a teacup poodle and she is very healthy and is turning 12 this month. she has never had any health problems and is a great dog!


You are absolutely correct regarding the health of teacup breeds. While there are occasional dogs who defy the odds and live longer than expected, generally "teacups" have much shorter lifespans. The comments which have challenged your statement are based upon very limited experience and since most are from teacup owners, they, understandably, don't want to acknowledge the accuracy of your statements. Having years of experience with poodles, I have found that responsible breeders don't intentionally try to breed to get teacups. I can't imagine having a dog that was so small that I had to be careful not to step on it -- I have found that my poodles (toys) are usually as close to me as possible, often getting underfoot and occasionally getting their foot stepped on! That is why I generally go barefoot in my home! I think a lot of this desire for tiny dogs is media driven primarily as a result of celebrities being seen carrying dogs in purses! Poor dogs!


Have to partially disagree with you on this one. These little tea cups, although by all means very delicate, are not predisposed to health risks any more than toy poodles. Genetics plays significant role, I agree, but with 2 healthy parents, in addition to some extra special TLC from their new family, these little ones tend to live long and happy life just as their bigger toy, mini or standard breed. They indeed are special little babies. My almost 4 lb angel is tiny but very happy 5 year old girl. One thing they need is parents who will spoil them every moment of their life.


I love teacup poodles but if someone was to buy one they would have to have extra care like a baby. So in other words go to a really good home were it can get looked after.


My mom just bought a 2,000$ black teacup poodle named Maggie and she is very very tiny.Fro mthe money I make from High School Musical I will buy myself a tea cup poodle...And anyway I am Ashley Tisdale!


Thank you so much for the info about tea cup poodles, I was going to get one for myself and family but Paying a few hundred dollars for a dog that would only grace our loving family for a few years then pass away and break our heart would have been devastating to my children and me..I think we will just wait and look around for a different kind of small dog.

Thanks again,


Teacups and Tiny Toy Poodles are just as healthy as any other Dogs, Unless you get a sick one that is why it is important to take your dog to the vet within 48 hrs of buying a Teacup or ANY DOG. I raise teacups tiny toy and Toy poodles. Teacups are just as active,healthy as the bigger ones. Sometimes more active. Make sure you buy from a Breeder that Specializes in those tiny breeds before you just throw up thousands of dollars. Check mine out at http://jopoodles.googlepages.com


I couldn't disagree more with the original author about nearly everything they wrote. We had a "Teacup" poodle, and it LOVED kids, had no major health problems, and lived to be 16 (human years). The author is making some unsubstantiated generalizations, possibly based on a single incident, I don't know.All I know is that our "Teacup" was one of the friendliest, fun, spunky, healthy animals we've ever had.


My white teacup poodle just turned 4 years old, is aprox. 3 lbs.,and has had no health problems. I paid $500 for her when she was 7 weeks and have had nothing but joy. I don't think that its vain to have a small dog such as teacups. Personally, having a small dog is the best! My dog loves to lay on my chest/neck. She loves human contact and everyone loves spoiling her. The only problem that I have encountered is her wanting an enormous amount of attention and separation anxiety. But all of that is my fault.I just can't help but spoil her!

Anthony j.l

Hmmm what to say? One letter inspires so much. But also so much from people who read and relate but don't know. I am from Australia and my family has had Poodles since I can remember. Mainly minuture but 5 years ago we got two beautiful Teacup poodles. It is extreamly true that breeders alot of the time are after money, or even to bread the perfect show dog. And that leads to abuse of animals for profit or because there not good enough. These people should be reported to animal services! BUT... we learnt this the hard way by looking in the paper for our dogs and they were of Minature breed. We had alot of "inbreed" problems that cost thousands in vet bills. So we became friendly with our local vet and asked for help. We learnt if you get a vet certified breeder then chances are you will always have less problems. We now have two beautiful Teacup poodles with no problems! They are both 5 years and have had 1/4 less of the problems we had with our Minatures. So I think the moral is to buy from repuatable breeders with good records. Yes you pay more but more is sometimes less.
And another point, if you want to have a dog to play with than get an active dog. Our two Teacups are active little buggers but not the type to play fetch. They are lap dogs, companion dogs. More for elderly and people who don't have the time for bigger dogs. And as small as they are, our little ones have always been fine with kids.
A.L Australia


Wow, a lot of different opinions! Being a teacup owner for many years, I also have one... I believe that teacups are not for everyone...(as big dogs are not right for everyone) I have three teacup poodles at home, all from different breeders. Smoky is 18, Lola is 15, and Molly is 6. All of my babies are healthy and active and love to play. I do disagree with people who claim that these tiny angles should not go to a home with young children as when we got our first babe, we had a one and two year old at home. Both my children were great with the dogs, because we taught them from day one the way to treat the pup.
I think that if you are thinking about getting a teacup of any breed, do not base your decision solely on these postings. Do all the research you can and talk with your vet. And if you decide that a teacup is right for you...Go for it! And if not, that's okay too!


soo cute!I want one, if anybody knows where I can buy it, tell me please!
Sophie* =)


i would love to know were you can get one to please let me know its so cute i would love to know if i can adopt


what are teacup dogs capable of?


I have a teacup poodle or runt of the litter should she not have been alowed to live because she was the runt she is now 9 years old and has not had any health problems she is good with the kids and should you not get a dog because it may only live for 10 year instead of 20 are we ever sure how long something will live just love it for the time you have it


I just had my second teacup poodle pass away at the age of 9...that's both of them that only lasted 9 yrs. Both dogs came from the same breeder, but different parents. Both were raised on eukanuba dog food with no table foods allowed (unless something got dropped) My first one was healthy untill she died of her second massive heart attack, 3 weeks to the day after her first heart attack. Those were the sweetest 3 weeks of our lives! The second one I just lost yesterday, no clue anything was wrong untill she started panting heavily 2 nights ago. We took her to the vet and they heard a loud murmur that she never had before. She was in severe heart failure. Not wanting to go thru the same thing we did with our first dog passing (not something I would wish on anyone!) we opted to hold her, love her, and kiss her as she was put down. She had both of her knees repaired (acl?)probably from chasing rabbits in the backyard. Other than that, we never had any health issues with them. I have my 3rd now that just turned 2. I hate to think I only have 7 more years with her!!! She too came from the same breeder, she's very small at 3.5 lbs. but healthy, active, and loving~! I don't know if there are health issues with these smaller breeds, all I do know is they have all been loved like my children. I have been blessed to have the time I have had with each and every one of them.


I just lost my precious teacup poodle, Bubbles, three week ago. She died suddenly from a VERY common problem these babies have, tracheal collapse. These little guys are breed so small that quite often their tracheas do not form properly. This is a progressive and terminal condition. There is a surgery available that involves a stent being placed in the trachea, but of course, this comes with it's own complications, and is often unsuccessful. There are a few medical treatments available, antitussives, corticosteroids, and bronchodialators, these are basically used for comfort care. However, some of these medications, such as corticosteroids, come with very devestating side-effects.

It has shattered my heart to lose my little angel, and I don't think I'll ever want another teacup poodle. Not because Bubbles wasn't a great dog. She was a GREAT dog. She was my first poodle and now I'm hooked on them. I will not get another tea-cup, because since this experience, I do not believe they should be breeding this or any dog that small. So small that they have shorter lifespans and chronic health problem. What creature walking on all fours and just two would want to live like that. Please pass is on, don't support the breeding of these dogs. I think I will get a miniature poodle next time. It's going to be a long time though...there's no substitute for my Bubbles.

Bubbles Mom


Just a side note about Bubbles, she was 9 years young when she passed away.

Again, from Bubbles and myself, thanks for reading our blog.

Bubbles Mom


My dog


We have a 6 year old teacup poodle named Gracie. She was given to me by a breeder of show dogs. Gracie was too small for the show ring and the breeder did not want to keep her as a pet. Before Gracie we were proud parents to a miniature and a toy poodle. Both of these dogs did not live their full life expectancy due to health issues. Gracie has a seriously disfunctional liver. This condition will probably shorten her life. However, she is in surprisingly good health and is a wonderful part of our family. She is lively and loving and I would not trade the experience of having her company for anything. If you look at the health issues for most dogs you will find that big dogs have greater health issues and they have a much shorter life expectancy than the little dogs. Don't pass up an adorable teacup out of fear of a short life. Have the dog checked out by your Vet then, take good care and enjoy the delightful little creature whose only desire is to love you and to be loved in return.


all this makes me very sad I was lookin forward to buying a teacup but I dnt want to run a risk of the agony of watching my puppy suffer with any health issues. it would break my heart :.(

Keenan Peterson

OK! i just got 1 toy and 1 teacup poodle and you know what i LOVE THEM TO DEATH! and they do not have health issues we had 1 live for 20yrs ok so!!!


We have a teacup poodle. My uncle has her brother and my baby and my uncles (brother and sister) mated at 2yos and had two puppies. My friends parents have one and my mum has the other. My baby girl is the smallest of the four but all four are very active and healthy (besides my mums having a few ear infections over the years)

My baby is a black female teacup and is 8yos and her two boys are 6yo. She was and always will be my baby, she has never slept a night outside and besides her walks (which 9/10 times we end up carrying her or she rides in the basket of the pram) she only spends about and hour or two outside each day (more in summer on the weekends).

We have three children 4yo, 2yo and 1yo and they all love her dearly and she is THE BEST with them, even when they are learning as the 1yo is (and other two have done previously) and pulling her fur, trying to sleep in her beds with her or pushing her out all together. She sleeps on her bed at the end of ours or when its cold under the sheets with us and we would have it any other way. It took my husband and little time to get used to this when we first met lol.

She used to fit in my pocket for a long time and often travelled around with me like that. She did get under your feet and still does occasionally but loves a cuddle and to be near you. She also thinks she is a great guard dog and will take on any dog passing my our house (until they bark back at her lol)

We love her and wouldnt be without her. People cant believe we spent $600 to buy her (with papers) but it is the best money we have spent and would do it again in a heartbeat. If/when Millie passes away we will treat her as one of our children and have her cremated and placed on the mantle piece (so to speak) as she is part of our family and our first and much loved pet.

She also LOVES being dressed up and looks soooooo cute dressed in her wardrobe full of clothes and collars for all occasions. (She even wore a bridal outfit for our wedding)

China China

Hi I hope to enlighten people a little about teacup poodles, I have a good friend who has been raising them for years and true they do require special care, but they can be healthy and live long healthy lives. I know a man who had one who lived to be 20 with the qaverage being 15 yrs. Please go to this link for Teacup Info and Teacup Care, Hope it is helpful and can help to inform people. thanks




Dan Cornelius

I own a Tea Cup Poodle or this is what the breeder claimed. It is 7 lbs and a healthy bundle of energy and joy. They are worth every moment you share with them no matter how long they are suppose to last. I have had mine for 2 1/2 years now with no problems others than an issue with one of it's teeth. This is dog is pure joy!


Ihad 1 it died because it was too small,plus it jumpe right out of my arms and broke it's leegs the vet gave him medication but still the following night he died (he will be missed)


That is so sad.


On Wed, Sep 30, 2009 at 3:39 PM, wrote:


I totally disagree. I have a teacup Shih Tzu and he's the best dog I've every had. His personality is amazing and he thinks he's a German Shepard. What most people fail to understand is that virtually ALL breeds have been breed down in size over the years. Size and health aren't related. Virtually everyone I know who has a lab has major health issues with those dogs. It's about responsible breeding, not size.


I know that this blog is old, but I wanted to mention that a reputable breeder will offer a health guarantee against medical defects. So if they don't offer one or the dog doesn't appear healthy...don't buy it!
I also had a Toy Poodle - they are very fragile - as with any small or a health compromised dog for that matter (especially Poodles and Chihuahuas. She fell while playing and broke her leg. She died 3 hours after surgery from a pulmonary embolism. I thought that I had died myself.
Always take your new pooch to the vet the same day or the very next day. If you know that you are going to purchase one in advance (which I hope is the case), schedule and appointment with your veterinarian and ask the breeder to meet you there with the puppy and stay for the visit.


Just a note to my post above: I didn't mean to imply that Poodles and Chihuahuas were the health compromised dogs that I mentioned.

I meant the Poodles and Chihuahuas are fragile!


I just purchased a micro teacup female from Fran @backfortypups. The baby is 6wks weighs 11oz and 4 inches tall, will get her in about 2 1/2wks. Never had a teacup before only toy poodles and they lived to be 18. The teacup weight is easier on my shoulders to hold. Reading these blogs are very worrisome and some are very heart warming. Any suggestions?

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