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I was White Trash when White Trash wasn't Cool

I love the name "Doody Calls"!


what we need to do is train our dogs like the one pictured !!


American ingenuity...or something like that.

Dirty Butter

This was always one of my chores as a child, but I sure didn't get paid $15 a week for it! LOL


maybe they could turn the poop into energy like San Francisco wants to do.


Did you know that there is now a Barbie doll that comes with her own pooping dog? You can see it on the Barbie web site. I'm not sure if it's good to start teaching kids to clean up after their dogs or creepy to have the dog pooh after eating a "biscuit."


So, does this mean I owe myself $15 for the time I spent wandering the backyard with a couple of plastic grocery bags this afternoon?


I say take the 15$ and every time you clean up your yard you put it aside for a vacation :D

But then I can also see where ultra-busy people would find this a valuable service.


Indeed interesting!


perhaps I need to start my scooping business with enought clients I can make some nice aditional income
Thanks for the post

James the puppy master

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