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And the taxpayers pick up the bills for all these great studies.


Yeah really, hope they didn't spend a lot of money on that one. I could've told'em that!


Duh! Whenever my niece and/or nephew come to visit my dog makes sure she gets between me and them.


Thanks for pointing this out! This is the second study I heard about today that basically states that water is wet, (speaking figuratively, of course).


It takes awhile..but eventually they get there. All one has to have done is had a dog or cat..to know what other's seem to need a study to prove.

Talk about the long way home.


ohhh bill would crawl in the bed between my boyfriend and i and put his feet in the middle of his back and shove him out of the bed...or at least give it a good try..every single time...

Cynthia Blue

Oh my gosh. The studies people come up with. It amazes me that so many humans still think humans are the only beings that have emotions and feel. Sure dogs have emotions!

My boy Levi is the most jealous pup in our house. :)

Your son

Two things.... first... I would wonder about any test on dogs conducted by a "person" named Morris. Isn't that a famous cat's name? And second........ if a dog feels an emotion, can we still call it a "human" emotion?


My sisters' dog will tear the face off of any stuffed animals that he catchers her kissing. It's so hilarious.

I admit, many stuffed animals have been sacrificed to our testing this theory out. And he's so sneaky about it; he'll wait until she's not looking then sneak in and take the toy out. But he only ever rips off the face.


Both my dogs will make growling noises (not agressive), if I hug my girlfriend in front of them; I also have to make sure they both get attention, although I must stroke the female first as she is dominant. Dogs are a pack animal and so it’s no surprise they crave attention that reaffirms their place in the pack and feel jealous if another person or animal gets attention.

Ian (dog training) McAllister

I've even seen a bitch who was jealous of her pups. I had to step in to prevent her biting them when they came too near to her food bowl, though now, many years later, I suspect that she would have taught them their place without more than a few nips.

Debbies Dog Clothes

You got me with your first 2 words. Well put.

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