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Jenny Carson

You are so right, I had to learn the hard way not to tell my sil of my vet expenses. She wont stop ridiculing me about it and telling me about how many children dont have the medical care my dogs have. But she can buy any expensive thing she sees.


I'd spend money on my cat! Why ever not? (I just might not tell people how much..)
They suffer pain like we do, all us animal lovers know that!! My cat is far more deserving than some people I know, considering the effect she has on my life. People that don't take care of animals are amazing to me. Do they have NO feelings??


I spent a good couple thousand (probably more) at an eye vet for my shar pei. He's passed now, but for about 2 to 3 years I spent a lot of money at the eye vet treating the dog's glaucoma. Sadly his glaucoma was very resistant and the only way to relieve his pain was to remove his eyes. By that time he was blind anyway.

Would I spend the money over again knowing it might not work? Hell yes!


The way I see it is, I will spend as much money on my pets as I will on my kids. That some times mean I spend money I don't actually have... like using a credit card. Just like Chandira said, my pets could suffer from pain and sickness as my kids would. How could I not try to reduce that suffering if an option was available?


I have a pet dog (Labrador) I use to bring him in pet clinic every end of the month for the dental check up and grooming, I don't have any problem with my pet, he is healthy.


Zoe Young

Ideas in this site are great.Detecting teeth problems early is part of taking care of a dog's general health. Dental health is something that should not be disregarded. Like people, dogs can also feel the pain of a severe toothache. The most basic way to monitor the health of your dog's teeth is by inspecting it in a regular basis. You will be able to spot out a coming problem. Another thing is not to miss any wellness visit to the vet clinic. Checking on his teeth is part of the wellness check.

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