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Thankfully, my dog doesn't eat grass. She does eat poo. She will also eat vegies but only if they've been cooked.


They eat grass to barf and barf becuase they ate grass. Dog logic


Yeah, I had always heard that dogs eat grass to make them regurgitate something that is bothering their stomach.


I think dogs eat grass for two different reasons, depending on the situation.
One: Because some grasses are tasty (just like cat poop etc!) In early summer, there's a particular one the dogs seek out and eat, I guess it tastes good.
Two: If they have an upset stomach & need to hurl, they'll indiscriminately eat a bunch of grass all at once, then throw up.
And, dog logic! :)


Every morning, my dogs make the rounds in the garden, eating new succulent shoots from the different grasses I've planted. Every morning.

They especially love Sweetgrass.

I think they just like grass...they don't necessarily throw any back up. Lucky also likes maple leaves.

Who knows why? Maybe it's the asparagus of the dog world!


Why are chicken bones deadly?

I was White Trash when White Trash wasn't Cool

Why do dawgs eat grass? Why do cats eat grass?

Know whut my pianer teachuh told me? All cows eat grass; good boys do fine always. Dawgs dont fit on the staff.

I wouldnt ponder much 'bout them dawgs eatin grass so much, now if theys smokin' grass, or eatin' it in brownies, then you can be concern, 'speshully if they aint sharin none.


We eat grass because it's THERE! Duh.


My dog eats grass and I always wondered if it hurt here. We try to stop her and yes the green mess can be annoying, especially when it is on your side of the bed and you step on it first thing in the morning. Surprise!


As far as I know, cats eat grass for medical reason, usually when they are sick.


Ask a cat owner!!
Cats eat grass all the time to help with hairballs. The grass breaks up the hairball, and stops them getting intestinal blockages. I guess it's the same for dogs, even though they aren't compulsive lickers like cats are.

As for the cat poo, I'm glad I've got a cat, not a dog. ;-)

Duck Soup

I have two yelow labs. When I feed them Purina Dog Chow, they both eat grass. When I feed them Joy Special Meal, they don't. Hmmm.


Another questions...why do dogs eat their poop?
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