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That poor boy. Why can't they show a little understanding with all he has to go through the rest of his life.


not like the dog is going to throw spitwads at the teacher or something, he'll probably be the best behaved in the room,


isn't that awful? I think the school is being totally unreasonable. its shameful.


This is just flat out wrong!


I absolutely hate it when this happens to students. Not every dog or student can handle the extra responsibility of being in school with a service dog, but most programs that train the dogs are aware of this and screen applicants accordingly. It's so sad that more administrators aren't aware of how these dogs help those of us with disabilities or how well trained and behaved they are. Sure, there are challenges, and Julio did make some mistakes, but I think it can be a very positive exxperience.

Empress Baggie

Some things never cease to amaze me. This is one of those things. Just when you think people can't do something stupider, they go and do something like this. Unbelieveable!!!


What are they THINKING!?


That's just wrong! Hope they can straighten things out.


Good. I'm glad they changed their rules for this dog.


When will these damn bureaucrats learn to find out what the law of the land is?

rox wisely

Many students hate school. How much more hatred would a student feel if he is given difficulties and deprived of comfort while in school? I hope there would be constant and standard laws regarding these kinds of issues.


There's a special place in hell for the person who denies access to a child with muscular dystrophy and his service dog. How dare they.

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