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You didn't say if the vet would be handling the balls in her office, or if we the pet owners would handle them at home.

Heh. You're right; this was fun.


Neuticals...this was funny! Thanks for this post...I had never heard of this one before!


This sounds so kooky!


Great idea I wouldnt expect women to understand.


You have got to be kidding me! Too funny!


The more I read the better the whole idea sounded.


Yep, definitely a guy thing. That's hilarious!

Deb & Roo

This is the funniest, most absurd thing I've ever heard of! Please, guys (meaning, men) give it up! :)

Brian Walker

Reading all these comments from women confirms what I've always known about what women would like to do to men.


How do people decide what size to get? The last male dog I had wasn't neutered until he was full grown but the male dog before that was neutered as a puppy. He still had a lot of growing to do. Wouldn't he have looked odd with full grown dog testis on a half grown puppy?

Just asking.


Good question, Laura.
Anyone want to take that one? Uh...cough...guys?


my dog bill was about 7-8 years old before i got him fixed..he and his mrs...they both were kind of groggy and wobby and when he got home he slept for about 2 hours and then he got up went outside and peed..came in house and went to lick his balls and nearly fell over..he kept sniffing and looking..i swear he got up and made a circle in the middle of the floor like he was looking for them...for about a month afterwards he always did a sort of double take when he went to lick himself....


Are you ----ing me?? Prosthetic balls for dogs!?? Kids are starving in other parts of the world and let me get this perfectly straight: we're talking about putting prosthetic balls on neutered dogs so the male owner's (fragile) ego won't rupture? That's absolutely sick!

B. Ingersoll


I'm astonished that people are saying this is a "male thing". Is it b/c so many males are focused on taking love drugs, and male organ enhancements including penile implants? I am a woman, all-woman, and the only reason I haven't gotten my dog fixed is because I'm still researching to determine whether fake cahoongas are safe enough for him. From one vet, I heard "don't do it if he has an active lifestyle" and frm another respected vet, I heard, " do it if you want, I think it's a great decision, and I've heard nothing negative" The positive vet is female, and the negative vet is male. Personally, I wanted a boy dog, not a girl, and along with the boy comes his balls. Without them, I won't look at him in the same way: it's a part of his body and personality, and I want them replaced if the fake ones are safe. I remember the first day he raised his leg and "peed like a man" and I called everyone in my phone book to share the great news! LOL I have one of the most controversial breeds of the millenium, so why not give all these discriminators something more to bitch about by purchasing him a nice shiny pair to replace his cute little polka-dotted ones, which I will miss so badly! Call me sick: he's my little boy, and he always will be, balls or no balls, but I prefer him with... the fake ones will be for ME more than for him. call it selfish. Perhaps I am, but my choice is not to take his balls away, it's to take his testosterone away. The guilt of me cutting off part of his manhood goes deep, but I know I must do it, for everyone's own good, his health, and in hopes of decreasing the aggression it creates within the other male dogs who are still intact who want to bite his balls off themselves b/c they are jealous (not really) but it's something that must be done. If anyone has heard anything negative or unsafe, pls let me know: sweethd@aol.com

Test oz Tarone

I haven't laughed so hard online, funny stuff. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Wow SweetHD...you are a rescuer, and you don't understand why you should neuter your male? Idiot.


To all the women out there, Would you be happy to have a breast removed or both??? What makes you a WOMEN to the outside world, Why cant you understand how this effects the male.

Yes i am a MAN and married with a daughter.
And yes i KNOW its a dog, now look up what the packing order is in the canine field or like my boy a Alaskan Mallamute

My dog is going in next week for the op but not for the Neuticles ill just give the vet a couple of billiard balls instead but come on ladies look at it from out side your simple its a male thing box!!!!!!!


Pretty interesting test but there is no direct health concerns with it, just a psychological thing that dog think he still has it.

Obat Herbal

How do people decide what size to get? The last male dog I had wasn't neutered until he was full grown but the male dog before that was neutered as a puppy. He still had a lot of growing to do. Wouldn't he have looked odd with full grown dog testis on a half grown puppy?

Common Sense

Well, Common Sense takes yet another huge slap in the face from the cold, dead hand of stupidity. Come on, whats next? Prosthetic surgery to make yourself look really, really dumb? Same result, less money.

Word the **** up on that.

Tim m

Wow lots of immature people out there I would like to know if there safe for my dog as for all the starving children . This is a small price to pay for my boy to keep his ornaments if your worried about starving children then feel free to donate you cheep ass . I have a Frenchbulldog That has cost me over 4000$ allready I am not worried about the price I just want to know has anybody had them implanted in there dog because I don't think he would be able to walk normally with out them. But I want my little dude to be safe . So Amy feed back would be great I see there is nit one strait answer on here .


If you can afford it and want to get a set for your dog, Why not ? Preventing any more puppies at the pound or under a bridge should be the focus . And it will affect their personalities , again depending on the owners outlook it will also determine how they handle the new "set".

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