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At least they didnt sue the dog like that drug dealer you wrote about.


Ooh, bookmarked that site for later perusal!
I am glad the good minister and his wife changed their minds. Idiots. Sheesh!


greedy, greedy. I hope his church canned his ass.


How ironic that their last name was Faith. If I was a member of their congregation I'd have no "faith" that they were suitable for leading people spiritually.

I was White Trash when White Trash wasn't Cool

Foul, evil, scum of the earth!

And that college kid? What a dumb-___ (fill in the blank)


That's just nuts!


that dod knew..he meant to step on her toe..knew she was a bitch...


I was reading this and thinking this HAS to be one of those urban legends - I mean, c'mon, "Susan FAITH?" But then, people being what they are ... it could be true.

Thanks for the link to the site, Jan!

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