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Your poodle made me laugh. What a great site and great dog pictures! Keep up the good work. Bless you. Aren't animals fun and easy to love?


SBL has not been effective anyplace where laws have been passed. All it does is penalize good dogs and responsable people.

Sally Young

I have a stratfordshire terrier. He is the most gentle dog that ever drew a breath, but he is one of the breeds classified as a pit bull. This whole thing is driven by a very irresponsible media that sensationalizes everything.


Wow, what a quick response! I'm glad you left a comment, now I can go to your site anytime I want to with just a click. I do have a plan concerning the grief expression of losing a loved one. Thanks for asking, it touched my heart. Bless you and your family.


The poodle suits are hilarious, BSL not so....
I have had Rottweilers for almost 20 years and am horrified how many breeds are getting banned, in so many cities.
Good, gentle, well trained, well socialised dogs owned by responsible people are actually being forcibly removed from the family home in parts of Canada and cities like Denver, by animal "control."
Stupid, stupid stupid.


Too cute! Too bad I just have a little fluffball. They need an intimidating costume for pansy dogs


People who make dogs mean will just get another breed. Meanwhile a lot of innocent dogs and people suffer from stupid lawa.


LOL this is hilarious! Do people really buy this stuff for their dogs? :) If they do- poor dogs. Can you imagine how hot the costumes are?

I love this post.


BSLs don't solve the real problem. The real problem is irresponsible owners. Owners who get a breed known for bitting/attacking people just so they can have a "scary" dog and owners who treat their dogs like shit or don't bother to socialize their dogs with other people/dogs are the problem. Not the dog breed.

Sure, there are dogs out there that are nasty tempered creatures. It doesn't matter, though, what the breed or who the owner is for these dogs. I've had only numerous dogs over my life and only one has been a nasty, mean dog. That one was a basset hound, a breed not known for being mean.

Would I say all basset hounds were mean spirited beasts? No, just that one that I had at the same time as I had the sweetest, most gentle shar pei (a breed not known for being gentle).

What I'm trying to say, and not very well, is that you have the bad apple dogs and you have the bad apple owners. What you don't have is a single breed of dog that is rotten.

Even a pekingese has been known to kill a human.


Great post, and thanks for the link, too. I forwarded it to a friend who was basically strong-armed out of her neighborhood because she owns a pit bull.


LOL @ the poodle disguise. I love it!!


This is a great post. Some breeds sure do get a bad rap because they are popular with people who shouldn't own ANY kind of dog at all.


Marianne is right. Some people shouldn't own ANY dog at all if they're going to mistreat them!

Mommy and Daddy and I own a dog. Her name is Sandy. We never mistreat her even though she is a poo-poo head. Maybe I'll get Mommy to buy her a poodle costume. Heh.


The poodle disguise for attack dogs is so funny! Great post.


Please don't refer to them as attack dogs. They are loving dogs.

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Please don't refer to them as attack dogs. They are loving dogs.

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