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john w

I shouldn't laugh, butTHAT IS FUNNY.


Aww- that is so touching!
Amazing how animals "are" :-)
This just made me want a dog SO much more...


Oh my God - that is so sad! Boxers are so loving and loyal - I hate it when anything bad happens to any of them.


That is horrible! That poor dog - especially since it took so long for the owners to help him!! Thank God the owners were at home at the time!


Cross is my dog, and I realized that I needed to revearse his tongue out immediately, but the shredder has to be on the receptacle and it was bent out of shape. Between trying to hold him to prevent more damage and getting the shredder back on the can thats about how long it took. He's fine nwo, but still won't come into my office


Thanks, Sandy, for the update on Cross. It had to be a harrowing few minutes for you all when he was stuck. Glad to hear that he is okay and still has "dog memory" about what happened.


I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. My experience with boxers is that their curiosity and playful nature gets them into trouble all too often, but this was a horrific incident; thank God it ended well!

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I have bought a USB mini shredder which is been damaged by my little pussy cat while she was sitting on it and get stuck down with falling it harshly.Hence Keep away such things from your pet animals as much as you can.

Linda Brown

I wish I had read this before the same thing happened to my lab cross. Fortunately I was in the same room at the time, but the damage was donestraight away.
She is find now and lost about 1.5 inches of her tongue and has even started licking things up now. Shredders need to have better guards, I never in a million years expected this to happen.


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whao, what an idea, really mind blowing experience.

Paul anderson

I don't have any pet so i don't have to be worried about it.


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Lisa Ray

I agree. Aside from the obvious mess, I would be afraid of toxic chemicals coming from the tape adhesive and inks used on the paper being in the same place you put food.

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