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Thanks for writing about this. I know you don't like to think about it, but I wish you would emphasize more that most of these dogs have to be destroyed. There just are not enough homes for dogs that have been bought and discarded.


The worst thing about all of this is that is people would exercise some common sense and do a little research they would know what types of dogs could be good for them -- and which ones wouldn't be.

Jen gets frustrated all the time because at the shelter she tries to stear families toward dogs that would fit well in their environment, but "that cute one" almost always wins out and she usually ends up seeing those dogs again in a few weeks when the owner realizes that she was right and they don't have the time/energy/money etc. to work with the dog they picked out.

I love this blog!


People expect to get a dog that will rescue little Timmy from the well and they find they have a little poop machine. Something lassie has never been known to do.


That's a great point I've never really thought about before. Probably because I've never owned a dog.

I find it so sad when you go to the pound and there are signs like "If you're a man stay clear of this dog." or "This dog can't be around workmans' coveralls." Why do people get dogs if they're just going to beat them?


I agree with Kristarella. It's sad to see some dogs labeled that way. *Sigh* And it's also rough to get people to understand when your dog has a phobia. When I adopted Savannah she was afraid of men -- and she still is. She shrinks from them when we stop on the street and people look at me like I'm the one that beats my dog.


one of the things i love about watching the westminster dog show is the fact that they (the announcers) actually try to give good "personality" facts about the breeds--and they always point out that just because a dog "looks" a certain way doesn't mean that dog will make a good pet.

we haven't seen the current version of "the shaggy dog"--but we do have a beardie! and they are such wonderful animals (despite the work) it would break my heart to think anyone would get one without having the commitment required to ensure a loving/healthful environment. they're joyful and exuberant, and you're oh-so-correct... they lovelovelove to exercise! (thank goodness we've always had large yards for our boy)

one thing about beardie breeders/fans we discovered shortly after we brought max into our home... they are not just particular about who they sell to, the clubs do follow-ups just to make sure the pups are okay!

great post/fabulous points! : D (and thanks for stopping by my blog--hope to see you again, i know i'll be back, and soon!)


dang, i cried watching eight below..


Yah, this might be the negative effect of these successful movies. People bought a pet just because it is cool to have one... disaster. It happened when Finding Nemo was the hottest animation.

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