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I do find this to be true. The first dog I ever adopted was extremely scared of everything. I tried everything to help him, but nothing worked. Until I talked with a dog psychcologist who told me to get an additional dog. preferrably a strong female. So I went in search of a female. Luckily I went to a farm (they claimed it was a kennel), to pick a dog. The was one running around that didnt look too good. Skinny as a bone. coughing, just really sickly looking. They wouldnt sell her to me, but after some bargaining I got to take her home (the 'kennel' was closed down later). She was not exactly what I had been looking for, but I could not have left her there. It did seem that the female helped calm my male dogs nerves. I think he felt he had to be strong to take care of her. They ended up becoming best friends. The male dog never did get over being scared, but it wasnt as bad when the female was around.
It is weird how some dogs are just scared of everything and others not. Of course when adopting a dog who is scared it can be of many reasons, like abuse. But I have a dog right now who we have had since birth and he is scared of his own shadow. We used to own both the mom and dad. And there certainly were never any abuse. But he is just scared. His siblings are wonderful cattle dogs, but he is just our big wuzz LOL. He does stand up for himself and his smaller buddies. And he will even stand up for our son should he feel there is any danger to him. I have seen it all. But most times he will just hide under the bed LOL. And funny thing is that most people who sees him thinks he looks big and scary LOL. I think he thinks he is a tiny little dog. He is 95lbs but thinks he is a lap dog.

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