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John Carter

The PC capital of the world comes through for us again.


Hey, if they can use it, more power to em!


I get a lot of dog poop here, too...I can see it now...the dog poop farms, with hundreds of dogs running around and pooping through a floor like that found in hog barns on the farms of Indiana...to be collected and sold for millions of dollars...how long will it be before Shell, etc. have there own dog poop farms and buy out all of the small poop farmers like me and corner the market on dog poop and then raise prices so that it is cheaper to buy and burn foreign oil...George W. Bush should get in on the ground floor with Dick Chenney, if he can duck Dick's bird shot

...as always...

Susan L. Prince

That has to a crappy job! But, I guess some just feel it's their doody.


They had to separate out the dog doo from the rest of the garbage to weigh it? Daaaang. And they wonder why university lab assistants want to unionize.


That is vey environmental-friendly, better educate pet owners to dump dog poo into a separate bin, similar to those recycle bin, called it poo bin? ^_^

dan tulen

i am in alternative energy engineering and well the mention of dog poop was in class today about bein an un tapped resource and well i knew it would be online somewherew that right a dog poop researcher in the progress lol

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