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the Bs

wow, lots of comments.... i just have to add my two cents worth.... (or less)

i prefer the long natural poodle tail. i think it's beautiful when the hair is left long and flowing, like a golden retriever.

Walter (our mini schnauzer rescue) has a long natural tail (and dew claws too). his tail is so expressive. it's amazing. and it is always wagging! sometimes even when he is sleeping. it's the best tail that i have ever known. yet, by the breed standard, a long tail on a schnauzer is wrong. but he was born with it. how can it be wrong? i love his long wiggy waggedy tail.


I just happen to like the docked tail look. Also happen to like my poodle to be clipped a little different than others. Personal taste. My poodle, Teddy, had his tail docked as a very very young pup, as did the whole litter. It seems to be easier to clean for him and to groom for me. Personal taste. He's agile, balanced, very healthy, silly, extremely happy, and we are all living happy ever after. It would help if people would stop being so negative about every little thing and adding drama into a world that already has enough problems. Quit creating worries and drastic scenarios. Accept without judging. <3
One that loves all that's Poodles. <3


In one of the above comments someone stated that docking tails can cause poodles to have problems with their hind legs. I have 4 toy poodles and only one of them doesn't have a docked tail, yet she is the only one that has problems with her hind legs.


We rescued a beautiful 4 year old minature poodle, with a very sturdy long tail. The groomer leaves the hair long and "poofed up". The tail is very expressive and is often carried upright. We would never doc a poodles tail again,


Poodles were originally from Germany and were used as hunting/retrieving dogs. When they became more popular as pets, things changed. One of the comments was that the dog felt embarrased by not having a docked tail. How much more embarrasing is it for a dog to have a poof on the end of it's tail,legs or a ruff around it's neck. I think those are the ones that are cringing at the way they look. I don't think anything should be taken off a dog for appearances sake. Let them be as they were intended and love them as part of your family.


you're evil.


First off the dog doesn't care if it has a long tail or a short one; it does care about pain though. I am against docking as I have two poodles, one is a miniature 12 years old and we have had her since she was 1 and she has a docked tail. We also have a 5 1/2 month old toy poodle and she doesn't have a docked tail. I prefer the tail to be left natural. It was that way when she was born, so why change it??? My only exception to the docking would be if you are showing your poodle.


I cannot believe that you actually said that you thought the dog knew about his long tail. Wow. Second your opinion is one of a non thinker "tradition?" Perhaps there could be a better reason for doing it other than, just because. Writing about why dogs need their tail brought me to your blog, and a sad one it is indeed.

Harry Julitz

Our standard poodle has a long tail as it's against the law here to dock it's tail.It curls up over his back and looks strange but not as bad as the poofter hair cuts some people give them... Ours looks like a dog and is happy running on our property , swimming in the dam , running with our horses just being a DOG. Many people have no idea what he is and are shocked that he's a poodle and a very tall one at that. looks more like a grey hound after his clip with his long tail.

Connie Murphy

Our little rescue girl, "Trixie" is toy poodle and chihuahua and is two years old. We have had her 6 weeks now. She is cute as a bug and her long tail is gorgeous (that's one reason why we picked her!)....she is able to show so much personality with that naturally long tail. We love her so much!!

Calvin Cooper

I have a gorgeous apricot Standard Poodle with a long tail. I imported him from Romania, where tail docking is illegal. Both his parents are international champions in five different countries. Both his parents had gorgeous long tails. The root is shaved and the rest of the tail is left. It is absolutely beautiful. I now look at Poodles with docked tails as disfigured. I feel very sorry for dogs that are mutilated. I want nothing to do with them and I will not support a breeder that does such horrible things to dogs! I am ashamed to come from a country where breeders care more about the look of their dog than the poor animal's welfare. Mutilation should never be a choice.


My family just got a 10 week-old mini poodle from a man that didn't have time for him. He has a docked tail, and all I see when I look at his little stub is future problems and human vanity. Poor little guy, there was no reason he should have gone through that. For all the people talking about plastic surgery and circumcision; plastic surgery is a personal choice (the dog has no say in getting his tail cut off) and circumcision does have some health benefits.
There is NO good reason for docking a poodles tail.


You can have an older puppy's tail docked with the spay/neuter. It isn't s big deal.


Wow. Lotsa vitriol. No wonder this country is in it's current political gridlock! I have a standard poodle. The breeder docked him before I ever met him. I probably would not have done it on my own but, having experienced a shortened tail that doesn't swipe things off of coffee tables or shatter ornaments on the tree, I would probably opt to dock. I think both are attractive, so that would not be my motivation (although, the mutilation does creep me out a bit). RE those who say that docking was only necessary in the past - when poodles hunted - to cut down on the burrs.....all I can say is that I feel sorry for the clearly confined lives these "precious", non-docked poodles are leading. My dog is not a gun dog but I drive him daily to fields and trails. He swims in streams and traverses swamps and always always always gets burrs and gets muddy and destroys his fine coiffure because I let him live the life of a dog, not a stuffed animal. I imagine, if he had to choose, that he would trade his tail for such rollicking daily fun any day of the week.

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