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I love all that grammar stuff. Both my grammers were wonderful ladies....


I guess I have a life because I didn't see anything wrong with that sentence. Just saying.

Have a fabulous day, my friend. ☺

Granny Annie

My wonderful high school English teacher died this week well into her 90s. Once the cat was out of the bag I believe she would have graciously let it pass and let me know how she enjoyed the rest. Perhaps we should all be that way.


So many times I've written a post, gone back over---looks good--hit the button....waited until later in the day...then BAM! Right THERE STARING AT ME IS A HUGE ERROR!!!


people that correct my grammar are so busy correcting my spelling or grammar that they miss what I was saying..they can kiss my ass..ha


but we still love your geekiness.

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

Whoever sent you that email just got burnt

Monika & Sam

If it's any consolation, I've made countless mistakes and embarrassingly endured public shaming in the comments. As you pointed out, we read what 'should' be there, not actually what 'is' there. I'm pleased to see there are still some who have the good grace to point out errors privately rather than over the 'Net. Even if they are incorrect or clumsy. 😇 Some of us can't always be perfect.


Geeks are OK in my book... grammar, science... it's all good.

Melissa K. Clinton

I am so thankful that my husband proofreads all of my blogs before I publish. I'm sure that there are still things that slip by us. I would never have noticed that one! LOL!

Jodi Stone

I always see what I meant, so I get how mistakes happen. I am not great with those...what the hell did you call them? Oh...preposition. I also still get lay/lie/laid wrong and always have to look them up. And Siriusly, don't get me started on Who/Whose.

Dennis the Vizsla

hello jan its dennis the vizsla dog hay my dada sez that yep yoo kan tel that yoo wer rite on akkownt of yoo cud rerite the sentense to say "the award goes to the person who is responsible" i hav no ideea ware he gits this stuf frum must be all that silly editting he duz all the time!!! ok bye

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