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Granny Annie

The teenager that cut the puppy needs an award worse than Neanderthal. He needs the "future serial killer award".


Love Harley.

That teenager needs help and fast.

Have a fabulous day. ☺


You nailed all the awards again! Well done. As for that future serial killer...I hope they can help him, but I wonder!

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

Two Neanderthal awards? It was not a good month.

Monika & Sam

That teen and his family need more than just professional care.

Melissa K. Clinton

We again 100% once again but how is it already September?!?!

Jen Gabbard

Ugh, well deserved Neanderthal awards indeed. (and just WHY is that shape desirable in Shepherds???)


Yay for Harley. Must be the same Lizard Brains who labeled our Crevrolet Blazer back in the day. Both the Neanderthal awards are spot on, too. The teen is a sociopath who will progress to harming humans next and those idiot breeders/judges... a part of me wants to introduce the two.

Jodi Stone

Did they find that kid? He needs serious help.

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