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Its China what more do you need to know>

M. K.

That is so sad. I hope that he loses weight and finds a home.


He's now on a diet I hope. Poor thing.

Have a fabulous day. ☺


Ha ha! Of course, I'd rather see a lizard brain acting out of kindness and doing no real harm than the other sort.

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

It is wonderful to read that he is doing better and is being taken care of. I hope he slims down and gets in a new home soon.


Maybe they were fattening him up for nefarious reasons and he managed to escape their clutches... it is China after all. Fat dogs should be very nervous.


Goodness! He is HUGE! I'm glad someone found him; maybe, now he will get some help.

Granny Annie

I hope this fellow wasn't being fattened up on purpose...if you know what I mean.


fat owners have fat pets..

Jodi Stone

Poor little thing. That is what happens when they are left to their own devices. Also, a lot of people are pigs.

Monika & Sam

It always breaks my heart to see obese pets, wherever they may live. Paws crossed this guy is now getting the care and supervision he needs to live a healthful life.

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