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What a feel good story. You know I love a happy ending. I'm glad she found someone that will give her another chance.

I linked Lu-Seal to Awww Mondays.

Have a fabulous day and week. ☺


Aw...what a little cutie! Glad someone cared enough to care.


Good for Lu-Seal!!! Her health and her heart will be so much better. BOO on that former owner.

As for gaining weight...SIGH...Boomer (in his old age)gains weight very easy.

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

She looks great. Bless her and her new mom and may misfortunate find her heartless first parents.


I'm so glad for Lu-Seal. Thank goodness she found a loving home and a caring soul. As you alluded, a dog doesn't feed itself so a pox on her previous owners.

M. K.

Her original owner should never be allowed to have another dog. What a piece of work! Thank Dog, someone adopted Lu-Seal and is being a responsible pet parent.

Monika & Sam

Woo-hoo. Way to go Lu-Seal and Julia. It always breaks my heart when I see an obese pet. Wish people realized they're slicing off time with their fur-iend.


Such a lovely story. You go girl. Great to know she has a healthy body now. Hope she is fine


wonderful what a good caring owner will do for a pet.

Jodi Stone

This trend of abandoning animals when they're no longer convenient pisses me off. I think the owner that abandoned her needs to never be allowed to have an animal again.

Also, I bet she's so much happier now that she's lost the weight and can move!

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