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Comedy Plus

That's a lot of dog. They are huge and kind of scary most of the time. I've only been around one. Scary.

Have a fabulous day. ☺


Poor little thing... OK, poor big thing. My German Shepherd in her prime tipped the scales at 105 lbs and, as big as she was, we were able to manage her because she was willing to go along with us no matter what. I have to admit Martha weighs more than I do, but dogs are willing to do our bidding no matter what, so I'm hopeful that Martha finds herself a home.


wonder what that fucker eats a day.


Poor thing. I sure hope someone comes along to love her...she needs a great family!

Monika & Sam

"A 125-pound dog with 300 pounds of skin." Too funny. She's not ugly at all...just a whole lotta dog! 😇 Love it.


BTW I checked out those other contestants and most of them aren't ugly at all... OK, maybe Rascal Deux, Josie, and Moe are the few exceptions.

Jodi Stone

I'm glad to see it wasn't that Chinese Crested again. Honestly, that little dog scared me.

Jackie Bouchard

Awww. She's a homely girl, but she looks like a big love. A really really big love.

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