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Shudder. She sure had a nice, high-stepping gait going on there though. lol


LOL threecollie. I'm not scared of snakes so my high-stepping would've much lower, but I do remember running pretty fast when my tortie cat went after a large black racer snake. I tried to stop her but she kept going after it relentlessly until I finally picked up the snake and took it to safety...away from my cat. I have never had any snake encounters, that I know of, with any of my dogs.


I wouldn't have touched the thing anyway. No way, not with my bare hands that is.

Have a fabulous day. ☺


that's called the Texas Two Step Hop Skip and Jump dance.

Monika & Sam

Oh jeez...I think I just peed a little! Gah.


I saw this video the other day. It has definitely had me looking more carefully as I pick up sticks to toss for Honey.

Jackie Bouchard

I saw that on the news the other day. That TOTALLY would have been me! (Congrats on the win over at Taryn's blog!)

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

I would have run six miles away


Stop on by my blog. You won the giveaway! :-)

Granny Annie

It would be a copperhead around here and I never touch anything that could be a snake. Yikes! That would have given me a heart attack.


OH! MY! GOODNESS!!! I'm glad no one was bitten!

Jodi Stone

Dear Lord, I will never pick up a dog toy again!

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