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I love a happy ending and you supply them often.

Have a fabulous day and weekend. ☺


I've seen a few dogs fall off docks in my time. And it's a really difficult challenge to get them back on dry land--especially if they're not wearing a harness with a handle.

This police officer was not only compassionate, he must have been pretty strong.

Granny Annie

Another heart touching story:-)


A PERFECT story for a Friday! Thank heavens for caring people!


I hope he gets to keep the doggie


When I saw this on Morning Express, I thought the dog had been riding in a car that was in the accident and got lose. There weren't many details about that, but if he was part of that family, I'd like to see them reunited. Barring that, then Officer Farris should get him because of his heroic save.


Uh, that should be "he got loose."


I read this story and it was a great ending. Thanks for sharing.

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

What a great and kind police officer. We tip out tail to him.

M. K.

I hope that the officer gets to adopt the dog. What a great story!


The story will be complete if he is allowed to adopt the dog!

Jodi Stone

Lucky pup!

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