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I look forward to your awards each month. The first one was the very best one. I do love a happy ending.

Have a fabulous day. ☺


Well done! I so agree with you!

M. K.

Once again, the awards were all well deserved. WTH is that law in Iran? Public lashing and killing the dog? Wow!

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

A tip of the tail, and prayers for, Casper


All good choices. Iran is bassackward on many laws not just the one about dogs. Neanderthal is too kind a name for the award they deserve.


wteverylovingf? Iran?

Jodi Stone

Well bestowed, as always.

Jackie Bouchard

Had to check out the awards that I'd missed... The Iran thing makes my heart hurt, and reminds me of this Iranian movie we were watching once... Forget the name, but it was about some young adults who wanted to start a . . . I think it was a rock band. Anyway, the one girl had a dog, and in one scene, there was just this very minor story (at least to the film as a whole) where they were stopped by a policeman while she was in the car with the dog, and the cop yanked the dog away from her, and she was yelling and crying. And then the movie went on... and the hubs and I were traumatized and kept yelling "But what about the dog?!"

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