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Oh, lord, what a mess. I hesitate to say it, but an awful lot of incompetent people enjoy the power they can accrue at shelters. So often I read of good dogs that could go into good homes but bad rules and a lack of common sense create other endings.

Comedy Plus

Some of these stories are so very sad. Like Cooper. So sad.

You're right some of these folks should be digging ditches, or flipping hamburgers at McDonald's.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

EAGHL/Granny Annie

Is it true that as of March 22nd Capone was returned to his owners? I might have missed it if you posted it. I hope it is true. Animal rescue can be devastating as with poor Cooper who was never seen again. Hopefully someone was able to adopt him when finding him in the wild.

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

Agreed, people react out of fear and not knowledge. Thank you for bringing this issues to light.


It breaks my heart to hear some of these stories... but we wouldn't hear them anywhere else.


Power corrupts... absolutely.

Angela Knutsen

The saddest part for me is that the dogs trusted the humans who were handling them.


Like Angela Knutsen said...those dogs trusted those humans were were handling them...and the humans were stupid beyond repair.


years ago when dave and thom were little..2-3 years old I got 2 brothers that were 1/2 wolf and half malamute..beautiful animals..had blue eyes and loved to howl..they bonded with the boys and were so protective they became dangerous..attacked the mailman for rubbing his hands all over thoms newly summer haircut..then attacked the paper boy cause the paper he threw landed near dave..had to give them away to a guy who lived way the hell out in the country and right next to forest..they went into the forest and never came back.

Jodi Stone

These stories kill me. This is exactly why animals and people should not be judged by looks.

Also, neither Copper or Scrappy look like anything but dogs. WTF kind of schooling do these morons get?

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