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Comedy Plus

I love a happy ending and this little one found that happy ending.

Here is California that 10-96 is a 5150. Funny how the codes vary.

Have a fabulous day. ☺


horrifying story with a lovely ending...


WAAAAA What in the world would make a person stab an animal...any animal. This little pup is adorable. Me thinks if you will hurt and animal...you will move up to serial killer of people! SCARY!

Allison D. Washington

Who does this type of stuff!!!.Stabbed 19 times to that adorable dog?That dog is very lucky to be alive.Hope he found love in his new home.Actually I was looking for custom paper services, but found this interesting news.Keep updating.

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

Two days in a row I am leaving the same response: Thank God for the first responders

EAGHL/Granny Annie

Oh sweet Frannie. I hope she will not have horrible memories of the ordeal. God bless that first responder for giving her a loving home.

Granny Annie

Oh sweet Frannie. I hope she will not have horrible memories of the ordeal. God bless that first responder for giving her a loving home.


Oh no! That is heartbreaking! I'm glad there's a happy ending to this story! Not all heros wear capes :) Thank you for sharing with us, keep up the great posts!

Jackie Bouchard

Well, obviously the person who did that is insane - what right-minded person would do such a thing??!!! I'm so glad she survived and is now getting love from the police officer who saved her! Hooray for a happy ending! Poor sweet thing!


What is wrong with people? *sigh*

I'm glad for Frannie's new home. I hope she doesn't have any long lasting sequelae from the attack.

Jodi Stone

So sad, but glad it had a happy ending.

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