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I've never taken my dog to a groomer so I can't speak about that, but I have to say that the GSD looks godawful bad. The tail cracks me up especially. He even looks woebegone over it.

Comedy Plus

Only Little Bit's last groom. No one had ever touched her tail or her head. The last groom before she passed the new groomer shaved most of her head. It wasn't a good look, but we didn't complain. We had been taking her there for years and since they had a file on each dog we figured she would follow the contents of the file. Oh well.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Jodi Stone

We have dogs that are not in need of grooming. I have to say the Samoyed doesn't look that bad. While it may be true that he needs a coat and sunscreen (depending on the temps where he lives) he looks pretty handsome.

IF I picked up my GSD and he looked like THAT, I would be arrested. I can't even...

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

That is why you need a regular groomer who knows what you want, and to take your dog to a groomer frequently. I believe the Samoyed was very tangled and needed the full grooming. The poor GSD. At least it will grow back.


every time Dexter gets sheared for the summer I laugh and he gets pissed...

Granny Annie

OMG! Poor Seren the GSD. And the Samoyed actually looked a bit embarrassed. I had a poodle once who really prissed around after going to the groomers because she knew she was pretty.


What a mess! Sish!

Lynne Miles

When I was a kid we took our poodle to get groomed. The groomer set him up on the counter to get a good look at the poor scruffy guy. The groomer couldn't believe what a bad hair cut he had and exclaimed, "WHO CUT THIS DOG?!" My mom confidently fessed up, "I did." The groomer immediately backed down and said, "Well, you did a pretty good job."

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