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What a witch hunt. The poor dog only got out once and didn't do any harm.

Comedy Plus

Thanks for the update. I hope he gets to go home soon. He's a beloved family member.

Have a terrific weekend. ☺

M. K.

I hope Capone is returned to his family ASAP!

Foley, Pocket and River Song

We are glad Capone got a reprieve (I didn't think I would ever be writing that.) Hopefully is it his first step to freedom

Dennis the Vizsla

hello jan its dennis the vizsla dog hay sum peepul ar so stoopid!!! if that dog is part wolf then so am i!!! it sownds like the iddyot wot thawt that sumbuddys shiba inu wuz a coyote has moovd to colorado and started wurking in a diffrent shelter under an asoomd naym!!! ok bye

Granny Annie

Praying that Capone will get to go home. Please keep us posted as best you can.


I hope this family is reunited with Capone and that they're reimbursed for legal fees and receive recompense for the pain land suffering they've been put through.


I hope the family and the dog can be back together again. This so silly.


looking for a happy ending.


I sincerely hope this sweet boy is returned to his family as soon as possible . What a sad story.

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