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Comedy Plus

I don't think I could rent a dog and then return that dog. I'd fall in love and that would be the end of it. Great idea for those that just want some love in doses.

Have a fabulous day. ☺


It seems semi-freaky to me. If some people want to do it, then they should go for it, but I pity the dogs and the fools who do.


The second I saw your title I thought Oh No! I'm with Comedy PLus and Cube!

Retro rover

I hate the whole idea of renting or borrowing any pet (though I might want to rent a pet angora rabbit as my husband wont let me have one)

Foley, Pocket and River Song

Sure, but when I created an app to do that with women everyone got upset


yeah, I don't think so.


Just because you CAN create an app for something doesn't mean you should.

Besides, who needs an app? We have people come up to ask if they can pet and play with Honey all the time.

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