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Comedy Plus

Adorable the both of them. I hate it when folks don't care enough about these precious souls to take proper care of them. At least now they both have a chance.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

M. K.

Bless her heart. I hope that she continues to heal and finds a forever home ♥


Those poor things. It burns my hide when people mistreat animals (and children). If you aren't going to take care of them, then don't have them. At least these poor dogs have a fighting chance now.

Jackie Bouchard

Awww, sweet babies. And oh my goodness, she's so very pink! Rita had demodex when we first got her - but only in a couple of small spots. She was only slightly pink. :)

Hope they recover quickly. Glad they're in better hands now!

Granny Annie

Poor little puppy. He might be pretty if it wasn't a disease. Never heard of such a thing.

Foley, Pocket and River Song

She looks so cute. I am sorry she is in pain. We hope she is feeling better soon. We would give a pink dog home anyday.

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