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Comedy Plus

I'd not heard about this. How awful. How awful. I don't think 6 months was enough time either.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

M. K.

I am so glad that she is racing again this year. He deserved more than six months in jail! It is sad that our society has become so dangerous that we need to have cell phone access to protect ourselves from one another.


No cellphones are not part of that world, but maybe if she had a phone her dog would have be alive.

That man was a jealous, mad creep!


6 months? that's attempted murder..judas priest..pisses me off..but so proud of her.

Foley, Pocket and River Song

Maybe she should carry a gun. I agree Six months is nothing. He could have killed her. What a world

The Daily Pip

he definitely should have gotten a longer sentence. I hope she finds some peace some day.

Jackie Bouchard

Wow, that's crazy. I hadn't heard that! 6 months doesn't seem like enough of a sentence for that!

We used to love it when the Iditarod was on TV. I guess the ratings weren't great since they stopped showing it.

Granny Annie

I am happy that they can have cell phones and only wish that had been allowed before now. It would be easier for all the mushers especially Zirkle if Demoski was still in prison for this year's race.


I heard about it last year, but had no idea the creep only got 6 months. What a farce. I hope this year Aliy brings a gun. They had guns way back when the dog sled culture began so the old timers can't complain.

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