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Mind boggling. The poor dog. And he doesn't look the least bit wolfy.


I would asks for my own vet to be allowed to run a new DNA test. It all seems so unfair to the people and the dog.

Comedy Plus

I hope they return him soon. Some folks just have to have their noses in other people's business. This dog has a 10 year history. Common sense seems to have been left out of the mix here.

Have a fabulous day. ☺


OH! For HEAVENS SAKE! I think Aurora Animal control MUST get the Neanderthal award for March!!! GRRRR!


Making life and death decisions based on looks is a dangerous practice. Just ask people with boxy-faced muzzle dogs in towns that have passed pit bull bans.

M. K.

This breaks my heart. Hopefully, everyone will speak up and save this poor dog. There are so many other problems with abused and neglected animals. Shame on them!

Foley, Pocket and River Song

Praying that he is allowed back home with his family

Granny Annie

I got so busy sharing this story with friends and family that I forgot to comment. It is a very sad situation and we need to know when Capone is back with his family.


this really pisses me off..I hope they get their doggie back..


A really bad situation. Sure hope the poor dog is allowed to go home SOON!


This is another example of bureaucratic overreach. My heart goes out to this family and Capone.

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